#Throwback to E3 2017 & How Social Anxiety Affected My Experience.


Can i keep it 100 for minute? At that point in my life in 2017, i was so so excited about the fact that i’d finally be going to E3, but also i was still dealing with some mental health issues (G.A.D, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety) which decided to strike right before i got there… Continue reading “#Throwback to E3 2017 & How Social Anxiety Affected My Experience.”


It’s been a long time!


Whats up, blog people? I haven’t posted in so long, but i’ve had lots to say and i’ve been doing so much of it on Twitter and on my podcast The Skyward Cast. I need to plug back into the blogging community. I’ve enjoyed my stay so much. 
On my podcast i’ve been discussing everything, including gaming, movies, tv, world events and just random what i’ve been up to lately type of things, but there is so much more that i have to share with my people and i am going to be pushing for at least one blog post a month. Small goals and i’m sure once the creative writing juices get flowing again, there will be more.

Thanks to everyone that has followed. Look forward to interacting with you all again. That’s what this is all about. community. I miss that. There is something a lot more pure about the writing community. Maybe it just gives me a old school youtube community sense of nostalgia.

Anyway…. talk to you all soon.

#TTSV ( Just a saying a post as a note to self)

The Skyward Cast Ep. 13 is LIVE!! (PODCAST)


iTunes: https://apple.co/2M4bMpT
Spotify: http://bit.ly/SpotifyTSC
Anchor: http://bit.ly/AnchorTSC
Youtube: http://bit.ly/2FMBQqf

Hope you all enjoy! Please remember to like, Comment, Rate and Subscribe on whatever platform you choose to listen on, if you enjoyed the podcast 🙂

Also, you can follow the The Skyward Cast Twitter page @TheSkywardCast

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The Skyward Cast Ep. 8: Hela Deserved Better and Trump’s Effects on America!

Episode 8 is here!

In this episode our main three topics are, whether the comedic approach that Taika Waititi took with Thor Ragnarok actually took away from what would have been a possibly award winning dramatic tale and Donald Trump’s decisions and how they have they have affected and influenced the American people….and there was one more, but i can’t remember it, but you’ll hear it lol. (I’m sorry lol. I’ll get better at this as time goes on. One step at a time)

Episode 8 on Anchor.fm: *CLICK HERE*

Above is the anchor.fm link, which you can also use to direct you to The Skyward Cast on iTunes, Google Podcast app, Cast Box, Spotify and many more.

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The Skyward Cast Ep. 7: Drake v Pusha T, What Kills A Music Genre? & Rising Suicide Rates in America (odd combo, i know)

The Skyward Cast Ep. 7 is live!!! Finally on time lol. Hope you all enjoy and please hit that share for me and i’d love to hear your feedback on this episode and what you’d like to hear from us in the future.

Thanks 🙂




Let me know what you think!

The Skyward Cast Ep. 6: E3 2018 Winners & Losers? (W/ Guests Eddie V & Derek) #Podcast

Its that time again!

The Internets number 1 discussion Podcast is BACK!!! Yes, i said THE BEST lol. We are breaking down E3 2018. Giving our thoughts on announcements and grading each conference.

Links: (YT, Soundcloud & iTunes) Please Share and Subscribe for future episodes of the podcast!


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The Skyward Cast Ep. 4: What Is Wrong With The DCEU and How to Fix it! (Podcast)

This episode has been a long time coming. Just enjoy….It’s the longest episode of The Skyward Cast to date. There are so many topics that it would be hard to list them all lol. Even surprised me. Should be a great time as always. This week Delvin and I are joined Continue reading “The Skyward Cast Ep. 4: What Is Wrong With The DCEU and How to Fix it! (Podcast)”

The Skyward Cast Ep. 3: Cultural Vulture vs Culture Appreciator (Podcast)

Another Week, Another Podcast…..This week we took a different direction with the topics. We went deep into the topic of Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Appreciation. A topic inspired by the recent conversation online around Bruno Mars and whether or not people see him as a Culture Vulture. Delvin tried to give me a history lesson in old school hip-hop and we talked about music trends and what causes their evolution and whether the black community is guilty of ditching genres that we create….. Of course we had to say R.I.P to Craig Mack.

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