The Skyward Cast Ep. 8: Hela Deserved Better and Trump’s Effects on America!

The Skyward Cast Ep. 8: Hela Deserved Better and Trump’s Effects on America!

Episode 8 is here!

In this episode our main three topics are, whether the comedic approach that Taika Waititi took with Thor Ragnarok actually took away from what would have been a possibly award winning dramatic tale and Donald Trump’s decisions and how they have they have affected and influenced the American people….and there was one more, but i can’t remember it, but you’ll hear it lol. (I’m sorry lol. I’ll get better at this as time goes on. One step at a time)

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The Skyward Cast has moved to Anchor.FM!!

The Skyward Cast has moved to Anchor.FM!!

The podcast has made a hosting move to podcast hosting platform Anchor.Fm (if you didn’t know by the title lol). It’s just a much more convenient option for hosting in many ways. Including the fact that it’s totally free.

So that switch brings with a load of new options when it comes to where you can listen to #TheSkywardCast and some other changes… So along with it being available on the new platform Anchor.FM, it will also be moving it’s old location on Delvin Cox’s ‘The Delvin Cox Experience’ Podcast stream on iTunes, Soundcloud (Anywhere else available) Back to being available on it’s own pages under ‘The Skyward Cast’ on iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, Google Podcast App and Most other podcast apps/services….like Pocket Casts app and more.

Anxhor fm TSC

That was the good, now for the little of the bad….because of the hosting change, the new episodes of the podcast will no longer be on SoundCloud. Sorry to all the folks that currently listen there, but you Lost one, but gained many new ways to listen lol.

Thank you all for listening and staying patient through moves and delays of the cast and i appreciate and hope you enjoy all the moves we make in the future.

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The Skyward Cast Ep. 7: Drake v Pusha T, What Kills A Music Genre? & Rising Suicide Rates in America (odd combo, i know)

The Skyward Cast Ep. 7 is live!!! Finally on time lol. Hope you all enjoy and please hit that share for me and i’d love to hear your feedback on this episode and what you’d like to hear from us in the future.

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The Skyward Cast Ep. 6: E3 2018 Winners & Losers? (W/ Guests Eddie V & Derek) #Podcast

Its that time again!

The Internets number 1 discussion Podcast is BACK!!! Yes, i said THE BEST lol. We are breaking down E3 2018. Giving our thoughts on announcements and grading each conference.

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The Skyward Cast Ep. 4: What Is Wrong With The DCEU and How to Fix it! (Podcast)

This episode has been a long time coming. Just enjoy….It’s the longest episode of The Skyward Cast to date. There are so many topics that it would be hard to list them all lol. Even surprised me. Should be a great time as always. This week Delvin and I are joined Continue reading “The Skyward Cast Ep. 4: What Is Wrong With The DCEU and How to Fix it! (Podcast)”

The Skyward Cast Ep. 3 is Live! (on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and Youtube)

Another Week, Another Podcast…..This week we took a different direction with the topics. We went deep into the topic of Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Appreciation. A topic inspired by the recent conversation online around Bruno Mars and whether or not people see him as a Culture Vulture. Delvin tried to give me a history lesson in old school hip-hop and we talked about music trends and what causes their evolution and whether the black community is guilty of ditching genres that we create….. Of course we had to say R.I.P to Craig Mack.

Continue reading “The Skyward Cast Ep. 3 is Live! (on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and Youtube)”

Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy of Halo 5: Guardians (Rules Below)

Hey, whats going on my beautiful people lol. Thanks to all that have checked out my latest episode of my podcast, but today is all about the giveaway! Just as with the last giveaway, the rules are simple.

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SkywardCast Ep. 2 | Will Controversy Hurt Detroit Being Human?, Papa Johns Dropped by NFL & Gun Control

Another Week Another Podcast! We went deep into the behind the scenes drama at Quantic Dream, Developer of Detroit Become Human and discuss whether the controversy will delay the game, We discuss Papa John’s being dropped by the NFL for Pizza Hut and why we think that happened and WAY MORE! Including a question we got from one of the peeps on twitter @ThatChaufie

This was a packed episode and it was a great time full of laughs and deep thought. Hope you enjoy!



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ICYMI: The Skyward Cast Ep.1 (My New Podcast) | Black Panther Impressions, Mo’Nique Drama and MORE!


Welcome To #TheSkywardCast!! Episode 1 (Was Episode 0.5), In this episode we went deep into our Black Panther Movie Impressions WITH SPOILERS!!! Dive into the Mo’Nique Netflix Boycott drama and more. Was a great time as always. Check it out if you haven’t or if you want to just listen again….Links Below



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ICYMI: I Was A Guest On Ep. 33 of The Delvin Cox Experience Podcast. Check It Out!

I definitely appreciate being asked to be a guest on this podcast. Had an awesome time and we got into loads of interesting topics. Ranging from Video Games to how living in a Politically Correct society can effect self expression. Yeah it got that deep lol. But always light hearted, so expect a good time.

Shout out to the host Delvin Cox for inviting me!

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