Is a new Jak game possibly in Development???

Is a new Jak game possibly in Development???

So…. Just saw a post on shared by the “NaughtyDog Needs to make another Jak Game” fan page on facebook (lol @ the name) and it seems there may be a small percent of a possibility that a Jak game could at least be in the concept stage of development.

The post features images from an an artist by the name of Andrew Kim, that has supposedly created concept art for major game studios (Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios, etc. in the past, which adds some credibility to there being a possibility of a game being made…

Possible Jak Concept art by Andrew Kim

…or maybe a Movie?


With both Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper getting the movie treatment in 2016, it would only make sense for the final member of the Holy Trinity of the PS2 era to receive the same (which would by default be my most anticipated). But, that’s just a random thought. Would be cool though.

Anyway…The images are beautiful. Though they are just concept art, it was nice to see what a current gen Jak game could look like. Which made me hyped, nostalgic and frustrated that this isn’t a game already confirmed to be in development.

HYPED & NOSTALGIC because the Jak & Daxter series is one of my favorites of all time. Jak 3 is the ONLY GAME that i’ve beaten 4-5 times….just for fun. Not to collect some extra crap, get trophies, etc, but because i loved the environment, characters and story that Naughty Dog created for that universe. So to see what it could be again brought back similar “feels”.                                                                                                                                                                   …And FRUSTRATED because though I and many other fans of been very vocal on social media about our wanting another chapter in the series, and though Naughty Dog has stated that they would be open to making a new game ( and have even had a few failed attempts), it seemed like it was never coming with UC4 coming next month, and knowing a The Last of Us sequel is most likely next to be the main focus of development at Naughty Dog.

Lets just hope for the best lol. Who knows maybe, this little discovery could actually be the small light at the end of the tunnel for fans waiting for a new game in the series. *Fingers Crossed*.

Check out the article that inspired this post in the link below.





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