Is This The Nintendo NX Controller?? (Updated: Completely Fake)

Is This The Nintendo NX Controller?? (Updated: Completely Fake)

UPDATE (7/25/16): As we all know….This design is completely fake. They were so clever with it’s design and we were so thirsty for Nintendo NX news that we ate it all up……4 months later we still don’t have any new NX news (aside from a release date). The Wait Continues….

We keep hoping Nintendo wouldn’t
make another mistake like this that would alienate potential buyers, but it’s seeming more and more like this might be official…. Maybe, just maybe this is optional control type they are trying or a FAILED prototype lol. Regardless….

Here are my reasons why I think this will be a failure as the primary controller for the NX:

1.Uninviting Design: ( As I said above) It would push away many “hardcore” gamers that might just want console with No Gimmicks from shape alone. The fact that many people look at this and think ” How am I supposed to use this?” Will not only push away the hardcore, but scare the casuals that get frustrated with complicated tech lol ( I made them sound so helpless. It’s true though.)

2. Price: This controller looks like it would raise the price of the console, similar to how the Gamepad did with the Wii U. AND if Nintendo is going to be coming with a hardware on par with, or above the PS4 and Xbox One, this is going to be an Expensive console. Which, with Nintendo’s current reputation, isn’t help bring gamers on to their side.

3. NO FACE BUTTONS: (aka the deal breaker): …..Touch controls aren’t accurate enough and don’t provide enough feedback for me when I’m actually staring at them while playing on a tablet or phone, but imagine having to hit A,B,Z,Y while looking at the TV? Nope. Fighters would be an absolute No-Go on this console without buying another controller.

And for the people saying, maybe you can map those functions to the shoulder buttons…… *Slap x10* Try hitting fighter combos with shoulder buttons. Just say no….

So in conclusion…. Yes I’m counting this out before I’ve touched it. It looks interesting, but like with Valve’s Steam controller, it would Probably be a fresh take on gaming controls, but it when it’s novelty ends you’ll realize that it just won’t allow you to play as efficient as with traditional controls.

So *fingers crossed* this isn’t what will come bundled with the NX or maybe is just an early prototype that has evolved A LOT since then.

Tell me what you think?


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