Microsoft Surface Book #TechGoals

Microsoft Surface Book #TechGoals

I am back with another entry into my #Techgoals wish list, WITH…..The Microsoft Surface Book 🙂 There isn’t going to be a large explanation on each of these posts for why i want it, but this one has some background.

Artist at work on Surfacebook

This is just a beautiful, Powerful Tablet/Laptop hybrid, that happens to be one of my most wanted tech items. I had been wanting a Microsoft Surface Pro, but It just didn’t seem practical for me (and didn’t have the moolah at the time lol). Too big for me to use it like my Nexus 7 (2012), and didn’t have the functionality or “Lapability” of laptop. So of course i wished Microsoft would just release a Surface Laptop….or a Surface Mini, which at one point did exist, but was canned 😦 Anyway, they finally did it and here it is as one of my most wanted tech items. I YELLED like a football fan during the superbowl when this was revealing. Ahhhh……Goodtimes 🙂

Surface book front shot





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