My Notable Mentions of Day Zero e3 2016: Meh…

My Notable Mentions of Day Zero e3 2016: Meh…

Almost everything shown from both Bethesda and EA’s e3 2016 conferences were lackluster to Average at best. I sat there phone in hand waiting to type down all the things i was going to write about here…. but there wasn’t much i liked lol. The best news to come out today was “Leaked”  (quotes because y’all know that was done intentionally to create hype for the conferences coming tomorrow), and that was Microsoft’s Xbox One S aka Slim, slimline or whatever you wanna call it, but here is my list of notable mentions for e3 2016 Day Zero…

To start….Look at her…ain’t she purdy? The Xbox One S ⇓


….Sure we’ll see and hear more about it tomorrow at Microsoft’s conference. With Nintendo and Sony claiming they won’t be showing or really talking about their new hardware at e3 this year, hopefully Microsoft wiil take advantage of that and officially reveal not just the Slim, but the rumored Xbox One Scorpio (code name) and really give us something to be hyped about. Now…on to the micro conference reviews.

Electronic Arts e3 conference: Rating: D+

TitanFall 2….That’s all i cared about…

I liked it. Well at least the single player trailer. It reminded me of Transformers x Iron Giant story about discovering how Man and A.I. can form a bond and come to care and look out for each other like family. Gave us basically all of the fun, fast call of duty like gameplay of the original, but with some added gameplay mechanics….like a grappling hook. Which always makes things better, right? Seriously….I love grappling hooks. It’s what got me playing Just Cause 2 for so long lol.

…Suuuuure they showed off Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic trailers and concept imagery, but I WANT GAMEPLAY….since there was none, I don’t care lol. I figure if gameplay is going to be shown for Andromeda this E3, either Microsoft or Sony snagged it to spice up their conference. My bet is on it being Sony.

Battlefield 1? Eh…Fifa 17? Nah….As i said before, from jump the conference was lackluster.

Despite it’s lack of new and interesting content, the EA PLAY conference wasn’t bad….but with there being soooo much time spent on fifa, it really brought down it’s score with me.

 Bethesda e3 conference: C+

I give this a C+ because it was full of games and new content for games that i’ve already seen, but have never played, but want to play (Fallout, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Doom), which is why i can’t fault them for me seeing their conference as a tad lackluster.

Didn’t have a wow factor for me, so i can’t really give it a high score, but i can’t put it down either because it did deliver on things that fans have been wanting, like a Skyrim remaster (for current gen consoles and PC) for example. So points for that, but much of the stuff i saw last year at their conference. Not bad though.

That’s all folks. Hopefully tomorrow will be much more action packed and we get some real surprises. This was mainly to get back into the swing of blogging on this site lol. it’s something. lol.


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