This Isn’t The God of War We Wanted….

This Isn’t The God of War We Wanted….

…But might it be the one we needed?

First off coming from God of War 3’s ending i wasn’t that interested in a sequel to be honest. I felt the original trilogy had provided enough for Kratos, and plopping him in new situation with similar game mechanics wouldn’t pull me in (Which should make me hyped for the reboot right?) but i was willing to open myself up to the idea when i heard about it jumping from Greek Mythology to Norse mythology. But, this isn’t what wanted… or is it?

As soon the trailer began, tweets like this started rolling out:

And obviously, I agreed (first comment is mine lol). It almost feels like Kratos being in an entirely different game series. Camera angles, Combat, Kratos look, CHANGED. AND HIS VOICE. Where the HELL is my dude T.C. Carson aka Kyle from Living Single aka THE REAL KRATOS!!! It’s like not having Nolan North voicing Nathan Drake. IT’S F#*king BLASPHEMOUS!!! That’s what it is lol.

Lemme Chill…. 

We wanted to see series PROGRESSION, NOT A REBOOT! At least i thought… But maybe this is what the series needed, and we just didn’t know it, because like most we are all resistant to change. Kratos has gotten to a point in life where all of his enemies have fallen, and has to learn to live a life not driven by maniacal rage and revenge…Which brings us to where we are now. With a man up in years, who most likely just discovered he has a son (remember those sex missions in other GoW games? Lol. Finally caught up to him) seemingly due to the mother of the child dying, leaving only him to take care of Kratos Jr lol. Now he has to learn to deal with parenthood, while managing to tame the Beast Within…That sounds like a great story. Also, think about the possibility of him feeling the need to distance himself from the child, because he might feel guilty for feeling like he’s letting this new kid take the place of his previous family, whose ashes he still holds on his skin till that day… Great concept, Nice to see Kratos back and in such a different style, Hopefully they can bring T.C. back,

Kratos Kid shooting in the woods


  • Good to Kratos back and in such a new fashion
  • Amazing Visuals
  • Hopefully they can bring T.C. Carson back, because it’s not the same without him.
  • I love the evolution of the gameplay. Now that he is free of the chains, it makes sense for him to move on.
  • So much story potential


Will I play it? YES. Because it’s it looks fun, even though it isn’t Ω God of War Ω we’ve come to know and want more of, but this just might turn out EVEN BETTER. We’ll see

EDIT: For those hoping or wondering if this is an Alternate Universe Kratos… it’s been confirmed this takes places after God of War III. Not an issue to me.

God of War Reboot Trailer | E3 2016

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