Best and Worst Reveals of E3 2016… In My Opinion

Best and Worst Reveals of E3 2016… In My Opinion


It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times… 

Here we are… days into e3, with all of the major announcements and conferences behind us, i figured it’s time for me to break down what i viewed as the best and most disappointing moments of E3 2016. Let’s Get It…

Best Moments of E3: (In No Specific Order)


God of War Reboot….Well Sorta:I can’t say i was the happiest camper when it came to the changes made to the God of War formula in this Reboot (See Post: Here), Especially it being confirmed that Kratos will no longer be voiced by T.C Carson…

…But this is something i’ve sadly come to accept. They mean to take the series in a new direction, and i can’t be mad at them. It’s something i’ve been wanting. By the time i got to GoW 3, i felt things were getting stale. so to have New Environments, Abilities, Play Styles, Characters and a somewhat New kratos is honestly, very refreshing and i’m looking forward to seeing where it is going.

TitanFall 2 (Specifically Single Player Mode): When it comes to most FPS games, i can usually take them or leave them (except BioShock) and that is how i felt when it came to the first Titanfall. But when i saw this single player campaign trailer Doh?…okay…i wasn’t blown away, but it definitely let me see that this series definitely may have more to offer me than before. It had this Transformers x Iron Giant feel to it. Man and Machine creating a bond. I dug it.

Xbox One S Reveal….after it leaked: Nothing much to say…It’s Smaller, Lighter, Supports HDR (Click to see what HDR means lol) and supports 4k video. So aside from that questionable dimpled pattern on it, it’s an all around better deal.

For Honor: Despite this game looking great in the gameplay shown during the Ubisoft conference, this game wouldn’t have gotten on this list had i not actually had time to play it for myself at the Ubisoft Lounge Event. It’s one thing to see it, But on a whole other level when you play it. Animations are so smooth and the combat is so satisfying. Simple, yet complex lol. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS GAME

Spider-Man made by Insomniac Games: I honestly would have imagined that if anyone was going to make a Spiderman game exclusive to the PS4, it would be Sucker Punch Productions. It just seems to fit their style a bit more, with them making Infamous and Sly Cooper. But as the makers Ratchet & Clank, which is one of my favorite action-platformer series, I have faith in them to product the best Spider-Man game we’ve seen yet.


ALL About The Games: This is more me being hyped for what Didn’t happen lol. No Playstation Vue demos or subscription talk and No NFL Sunday Ticket parnetship deals. Not Even a preview of Sony’s TV series Powers (Which needs a name change, because of 50 Cent’s Show POWER, which is more popular lol). Aside from the talk of Assassin’s Creed the movie, it was GAMES, GAMES and…Yes, MORE GAMES lol.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Surprise: The surprise was many people didn’t even know it was Call of duty until it was revealed in the end. Many (including myself) were saying How great it looked and were very intrigued, which i was impressed from the original cinematic trailer, so this only increased my hype. But you really got a chance to see how the hate bandwagon works, when people actually liked the game when they didn’t know what it was.

We Happy Few: After irrational Games, the studio behind the amazing BioShock Series was closed down some years ago, we all have been thirsty for a new experience within that that universe, and while this isn’t that, it’s pretty close and that makes it a possible winner for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a spiritual successor to BioShock or at least designed by some of the devs from Irrational. If it can capture that same feel, and provide a story even close to BioShock Infinite, It will be a winner in my book.

WeHappyFew Screenshot

Xbox Play Anywhere Program: I know we knew about this before, but Microsoft just made it a lot easier to want an Xbox One for me with the demonstration they gave and the amount of games announced to feature Cross-Buy and Cross play features with their “Xbox Play Anywhere” program. The way they are unifying the console and PC ecosystems is a great thing for gamers.

Forza Horizon 3: As a major fan of racers, and someone that has always been interested in the Forza Horizon series, it’s definitely on my list.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Gameplay Reveal: This one almost got left on the honorable mentions list. I finally checked out the video of gameplay, and it looks pretty great. It seems like the gameplay i was hoping to get from Ocarina of Time. Environments are beautiful, despite a couple of the flat textures in the video (Yes, i’m a graphics junkie lol). It’s definitely on my list of potential purchases for the NX…whatever that is lol. Also, i’m glad that whole female link thing didn’t come through. It wouldn’t have been terrible… but nah.


Honorable Mentions:

  1. Project Scorpio aka Next Gen Xbox?: I don’t know enough about this to get hyped, but of course as a techie, this is definitely on my radar.
  2. Re-Core Gameplay Trailer: Looks like a fun light hearted platformer-shooter. Which is a nice break away from all of the hyper realistic stuff we get, but it just didn’t feel like it deserved to reach the main list. Potential to be a classic that spawns many sequels.
  3. Ghost Recon Wildlands: Another game i’ve had hands on time with. Potential for fun times, but it’s similar to the Division in play style (Better shooting though) and what you see is what you get. Of course, These feelings may change after i’ve had more time with the game. Maybe when the Beta comes through.
  4. Looking for Group for Xbox One: Where was this feature when Destiny first released lol. Seriously, but this is a great feature that is definitely worth a mention, but not worth enough to make my main list.
  5. Watch_Dogs 2: New Character, New City, Campaign Co-op…and The Main is Black lol. Which is all cool, but…It seemed a bit like more of the same when it came to gameplay and story. I need to experience it for myself to get a better feel and see if the story has more to offer, but for now it seems a tad generic in that department, but still good.


Worst Moments (or Disappointing) of E3:

No Gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda:  Yes, the cinematic trailer showing off how the game COULD look is pretty, i’m not going to get hyped for that. Had they shown gameplay that went down just like, This would be at the top of the “Best of” list for sure. But at the moment this just won’t cut it…

MAss effect andro

Crash Bandicoot Not getting a New Game: We were all hyped to see Crash getting a current gen game, but all we got was 3 remasters and a Skylanders feature. I’m glad they didn’t do him like they did Spyro the dragon when he crossed over to Skylanders. Turned him insane lol. Hopefully these games are COMPLETELY redone with new textures and all, and not some glossed up PS1 remasters. *Sigh…*

No PS4 Neo Information: I know Sony let us all know before hand that they weren’t going to have the console at e3, but why no information at all? I mean… At least Microsoft gave us an idea of what’s coming in Project Scorpio Just to get us hyped. Maybe that was the reason though. To let Microsoft go first and give an idea what they have planned and then Sony can solidify the Neo’s specs based on that. Who knows…still disappointing.

Still No Jak 4: LOL…I know some of you are like “WTF? When was a  Jak game supposed to be coming?” It isn’t , but i wish it was. I’ve been hearing rumors, and even wrote a “little” blog post about it a while back (See Here) about rumors and clues, and such. I honestly feel like the people that wait every year for news on Half Life 3 (which i think is going the way of Dr.Dre’s Detox), but i still keep hope alive. There always Gamescom and TGS lol.

No Update on Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red: It’s been a minute since we’ve heard about this game, and i WANT MORE. What some of you don’t know about me is I love steampunk, and cyperpunk styling and settings (Blade Runner for example) and the cinematic for this movie had everything i wanted. So for it to be this long with nothing but micro-updates on dev progress has me itching like Tyrone biggums over here lol. Seriously, it’s a shame we haven’t gotten any updates, but as i’ve said in the cases of other games, there is always TGS and Gamescom.


And…well, I Don’t Have Anymore: And the Fourth doesn’t really count so yeah….pretty good year lol.

That’s all Folks!

Not too much bad, but LOADS of Good. Which i am glad about. So many games added to my list, The Xbox One and PC are looking better and better thanks to all of the new games Microsoft announced, We are getting a new but Dramatically different God of War game, still no Mass Effect Gameplay, But this was definitely the best bunch of E3 announcements in years.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what were your best and worst moments of e3 in the comments, and if you liked this a share would be appreciated. Peace!



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