Quickie: T.C. Carson No longer Voice of Kratos (My Thoughts)

Quickie: T.C. Carson No longer Voice of Kratos (My Thoughts)

Sucks to see him go, but the show must go on…

I spoke on this a couple times before, but i wanted to go into it a little more. Earlier this week, I like many others were surprised when we discovered that the vocals for Kratos in the e3 demo of Ω God of War Ω were not those of the original voice actor, T.C. Carson. The man that breathed life into this character for 7 games in the long running series (Dramatic lol)…. It felt wrong. Especially after reading his tweets about it and kinda getting the idea that he too was blindsided by this decision. I get that the series formula was in GREAT NEED of change, but why this?


As a fan of both the Actor/Singer/Voice Actor (T.C. Carson) since the days of Living Single and the Series since the PS2 days, I wanted to know what the deal was. And here it is… In a post-conference interview, Creative Director of Santa Monica Studios, Cory Barlog said that they wanted to take the series and Character in a different direction. They wanted to not have Kratos just be this Comic book like ball of rage and anger, but someone that people can actually see the humanity in, and relate to on some level. With this desire to change things up, came not only the reworking of Kratos on a personality level, the entire series got basically the reboot treatment….including them bringing in a new voice actor, which they felt would be better suited to bring life to this revamped version of their series protagonist.

A couple days ago  i was hyped. I was like “We Need to make a change.org page and get this changed immediately lol”. Now….I don’t have much of a fuss about it. They brought much needed change to the series, and As much as i would have liked for T.C. to still be the voice of Kratos, i’m sure there are many other roles that he would be great for out there. Yes, it’s a bittersweet passing of the torch moment, but i have to give it to Christopher Judge (New Voice of Kratos)… from what i heard in the demo, I think he’ll do a great job and i wish him the best of luck with the series…especially because i want this game to be great lol.

To end off this quickie, Here is some footage of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of God of War Ascension. The final game featuring T.C. Carson as the voice actor of Kratos 😥



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