Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: What A Difference An Extra 30 Mins Makes…

Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: What A Difference An Extra 30 Mins Makes…

I almost feel like i should apologize to Zack Snyder for my previous review (See Here)

This… is the movie that we should have seen in theaters. What was done to the original cut just for the sake of cutting time was unacceptable. After seeing this it feels like they completely sabotaged the experience. Thankfully we have this… Which shows that the film it self wasn’t just bad because it was poorly made. Sure there are still some questionable decisions made that keep the film from being Greatness, but this is a Decent film.

Characters are fully developed because of their extended on-screen time, motives are better explained which doesn’t leave us feeling like their reactions were unnecessary or out of place. And the pacing? FIXED. I no longer feel like i am watching multiple movies badly stitched together. It’s just one, dare i say it….Smooth experience. The improved story progression and character development are so much better that it makes most of my previous complaints feel irrelevant. It no longer feels like it’s been rushed to get us on the quickest route to the Justice League, and the build up to the climax of the film makes the ending feel so much more deserved. I actually watched the end and felt content with this film, but ready to see more. Total opposite of how i felt walking out of the theater from seeing BvS the first two times. I’m geeking out over here.

I am sad this isn’t the film we got to see from the beginning, because this is actually a film deserving of praise. But once again…. at least we have this. Before i probably would have given this film a 6.8-7.0 out of 10 in my previous review. Today i believe the Ultimate Cut deserves a Solid 8 out of 10. Great Movie.


If you have not already seen this movie or have it pre-ordered(especially if you’ve only seen the original version), Do yourself this favor and order this right now. I’ll even give you the link to buy it Here lol.

Now I’d like to know your opinion on the movie. Did you like it? (This version and/or the original) If you haven’t seen it, WHY NOT!!?? lol. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

As always, Thanks for reading and #AlwaysStaySkyward, My People 🙂




2 thoughts on “Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: What A Difference An Extra 30 Mins Makes…

  1. I liked the movie in theatres but did feel like it was oddly pieced together. I can’t wait to see the extended cut! This only makes me want to see it more!

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    1. Glad you like the post. This really is should have been the only edition they released. 3 hours is a bit long, but hey… plus I feel this version really gives you the sense that everything will make sense in the future, and not just gave such grand plot holes.


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