Oh Skyward, Where Hast Thou Creative Mojo Gone? :(

Hey, people….

Thanks to all the folks that recently followed my blog. I know in my recently published About Page, I talked about making posts on brand building, Games, My hobbies, Life in general, but I can’t think of what to post next. I don’t want to just make generic gaming posts, weekly gaming deals and crap. That’s not me.

I want this to feel Organic.  Like when you read my blog it is a evolving timeline of my life. Ups/downs, revealing moments, discoveries, tips, pick ups, revelations, movie reviews of what i just saw, things i’m looking forward to new Adventure!!! But it’s turned into a gaming media site, from my perspective. That’s not what i want. There are loads of those, and while i’d like to work for one and maybe even make one, that’s not what this is. And monetization? I don’t even want to think of that. You may see an affiliate link here and there, like in my most recent post, but this isn’t supposed to be something i’m trying to sell you. Although those are really games i want, and the reasons i want them, I don’t want anything to feel forced or to come from an impure place. All of that brings negative energy. I want to actually help others, join the blogging community, learn, teach and help contribute in many ways, while actually building something that others want to be a part of. It’s like i did research on how to improve my blog, and got lost in a bunch of articles and videos about how to improve traffic, and comments and stuff like that. That’s not what i want and until i figure out what i want, i’ll be taking  blogging Hiatus until then.

To anyone that sees this post, Have you been in this situation? (i’m almost sure everyone has) Have their been times when what you wanted was lost when you started doing things other people’s way?  How did you reclaim your creative vision and get your mojo back? 

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading, and i’ll talk to y’all later.



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