Creation is My Meditation (Updated)

Here it is. My First Drawing in what seems like a couple of years. And you know what? I really like it.

Naruto Drawing cropped



As i said before, It’s been so long since i’ve just picked up pencil and paper and just got lost in drawing…. It’s a feeling that i missed. I would draw for hours at a time. My favorite anime and cartoon characters from Pokemon & Yugioh to Rocket Power and Rugrats. I would just sit there lost in my imagination.

This being my first time in maybe years since i’ve completed a drawing, it was a little difficult at first. I started got a tad frustrated, thought it looked stupid and almost thought about quitting (a sad habit i’ve formed in recent years). But i fought that nonsense and went for it… And though i’m no where close to pro level or the best… I think it came out great. Most important, it was fun and meditative for me. Remember that post i just made about balance? Well this was that for me. Getting lost in this….not focused on much going on around me, just trying to get it how it wanted it.

Drawing used to be a way for me to escape when i was feeling depressed, angry, anxious, lonely or misunderstood ( i know…very emo lol). I could throw on music videos channels MTV Hits and MTV Jams and lay there and let the emotions flow into my art. While sitting there imagining all of my “what ifs” (What if i could fly?). Imagining my worlds of my pictures and favorite Anime coming to life.

In recent years i had lost my motivation to do many things that i loved because of my depression. It’s like i had the desire to do it, but depression can really zap your motivation, energy and attention span. All of which you need to really put effort into a project. While i haven’t conquered my Anxiety and Depression yet, I had been watching videos on youtube of people doing amazing art that really just lit that spark in me, and so i really just had to give it a go. Thankfully i did.

Shout out to ItsBirdy on youtube. Through watching his videos, i was inspired to just give it a try again. Now i want to go out and some drawing books and supplies and get better. To be able to put down on paper the images that go through my mind, would be almost magical for me lol. Anyone that reads this, i think you should check him out, his videos are awesome.

Just wanted to share. I think it’s amazing how art can be therapeutic. It really can reconnect you with parts of yourself that have been long lost or neglected. I realize that i get this feeling not just through Drawing, I just enjoy creation. Putting energy into something that I enjoy and seeing something fully fleshed out coming out of that in the end.

Thanks to anyone that read this.Let me know what activities are meditative to you (Aside from the explicit things lol. Keep that to yourself) and also, if you have any art book suggestions. That would definitely be appreciated.


BONUS: Here is an awesome video by itsBirdy. It’s a Pokemon x Akira project. Turned out awesome. Check it out


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