Justice League Comic-Con footage and A Wonder Woman Trailer!!!

Justice League Comic-Con footage and A Wonder Woman Trailer!!!

I am not a fanboy when it comes to the whole debate of DC vs Marvel, but i’ve definitely wanted DC to come with the heat and they brought it today….

Ladies & Gentlemen, our official first look at The Justice League movie!!!….

I am trying to bring down the geek hype right now to tell how i feel about this when i’m not on a high, but it’s just not happening lol. I dig this footage, the lighter tone of the scenes, yes the coloring is still dreary as hell, but who cares. Comedic delivery to some of the lines, if they can add enough variety  with the humor so it’s not stale, get the pacing correct (UNLIKE with the original Cut of BvS), not jam too much into this film to push to story to the next stage (also an issue with Man of Steel and BvS) and this could be AMAZING!! And that Flash and Bruce Wayne scene, my boy? Amazing! The fact that the chemistry is there in the trailer has me excited. The stars are aligning for this film, Zack…..Just bring it home Lol.

Now….Last, but not least the official First Wonder Woman film trailer!!

Now… as i’ve mentioned before in my Batman v Superman review (Click here to read) and in a couple tweets, I want to love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but she gives off more of a seductive spy vibe than a strong Amazonian Goddess!! (Who else think’s Gal Gadot would have been amazing as Catwoman?) BUT….She’s starting to come through for me. I just need to remember “Alternate Universe WW” and all is well. She is damn good with the action scenes and her line delivery brings a new side to Diana Prince. I am open, and waiting…..Lol. I just want her to prove me wrong and be the best live action Wonder Woman i’ve ever seen.

As far as the trailer goes, Tone is great, I love the bold colors of the atmosphere and the classic WW colored suit. Action? Well, if you saw BvS you know she can put in work. The scene of her taking down all of those men in that cabin is the female equivalent of Batman warehouse fight scene in…..Yes, another reference to it…..Batman V Superman. All is well, just as i said before waiting for her performance to really shine through. Great action with a mediocre performance is like a rap song that has a great beat, but atrocious lyrics. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to that.

That was great my people. The only thing that could have made that better would have been a sneak peak of the upcome Batman movie starring Ben Affleck. But I am satisfied. All DC v Marvel Warriors need to set aside their fanboyism and just acknowledge this as a good day to be a comic hero fan.

Thank you for reading, my people. If you liked it, a share would be much appreciated and remember to always #StaySkyward!!



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