Loads of Sonic News In Celebration of the Franchise’s 25th Anniversary

Loads of Sonic News In Celebration of the Franchise’s 25th Anniversary

The last time i was excited about a new Sonic game, I still had a dreamcast (Sonic Adventures). But here we are….

First the Awesome Sonic The Hedgehog social media pages (mainly Twitter), and now all of this? Sega might be on the way to turning things around for themselves….i hope.

As title says, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, we got a few bits of major news…

1. Sonic Mania:

Sonic ManiaA true sequel to the classic genesis Sonic games. You get to play as either Classic Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. Sega brought back the classic gameplay, retro genesis age graphics, but with some new moves to keep things fresh. Click the name above for the trailer. See? I got you lol.

2. Project Sonic 2017 (Sonic Generations 2???)

Sonic 2017 3


My favorite out of the reveals. From the makers of Sonic Colors (which i can’t wait to play) and Sonic Generations… Project Sonic 2017, which looks like maybe a Sonic Generations sequel with us seeing Modern Sonic once again teaming up with Classic Sonic sonic to take down a great that threatens to destroy the world or something typical like that. I was surprised to see the level of destruction in the trailer, it really gave a darker more dramatic tone to the trailer. Maybe we might see a darker Sonic this time around? It was such a teaser, it would be hard to tell. Regardless, I am hoping Sega tosses some of that more mature humor that we’ve seen from the Sonic twitter page into the game. That COULD be amazing…or turn out to be overdone and ruin the game lol. Fingers crossed for the first.

One bit that caught my eye was that it  will not only be available for Xbox One, PC and PS4 Holiday 2017, but for the Nintendo NX. Not surprising when you think about it, but it was just cool to see one of the first games announced to be a part of the NX game library.

Third might be something that many didn’t care about, but it looked pretty fun to me…


3. Sonic Lego Dimensions Gameplay


This looked surprisingly fun. As someone who has never tried one of those Toys-to-Life games, this actually pulled me in. Seeing Green Hill Zone brought into another game, Mini-fig Sonic and all of the different gameplay types and opportunities as he crossed dimensions are cool to think about. I used to think of these games as rip offs. For you to pay for the game full price, but then have sections of the game locked away until you bought new toys to add them in, it seemed like the worst kind of DLC. A game designed to make you collect all of the pieces of locked away content, but this kind of gets me to look past that borderline disgusting fact lol.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!! well….there was that news about classic sonic coming to Sonic Dash the mobile game, since i don’t care about that, that’s all for me lol. It was a such a nostalgic and great feeling as a gamer to feel a level of hype new entries into a franchise that for many was doomed. Lets just hope Sega can come through with these and deliver some games that will not only be on the level of the classic, but out do them…That’s what you call having hight hopes, but it doesn’t hurt to dream lol. I’m still over here waiting for Sega to finally give Sonic an open world game…..

Anyway, Let me know what you thought of the news, if you cared at all lol, down in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and #StaySkyward

NOTE: Click the names of the video games (in Blue) to see the trailers and gameplay videos for those games.



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