My Thoughts On This Nintendo NX Dockable Hybrid Thingy…

My Thoughts On This Nintendo NX Dockable Hybrid Thingy…

I told myself i wouldn’t mess around with these NX rumors anymore… but whatever. Let’s IMAGINE this is all true and just go from there….

So according to someone’s insider sources at, the Nintendo NX is a portable gaming device that has detachable controls on it’s sides and can be plugged up to your TV for a more traditional console experience….So i’m thinking a dockable Nvidia shield type of device? I don’t know if i’m down with this.

NX Mock up
Image from

Now….as someone that enjoys Nintendo games that has been wanting nothing more than to have traditional console that i could play not only Zelda, Mario and Metroid (whenever Nintendo finally gives us a REAL Metroid Prime or even side scroller), but also play games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and all of the other upcoming great 3rd party games on one of their consoles, I have to say i’m disappointed. It shows that Nintendo still isn’t listening to what their fans want.

I’ve seen the same Wishlist since the Wii U launched. People Want hardware on par with competing current gen consoles to making porting games simple so they too can play most of the great third party games Nintendo console games have been missing out on, A fully fleshed out online system so people can easily invite friends to games, with stable voice, text and party chat and a traditional controller with battery that doesn’t suck and leave the gimmicks as an OPTION. But with this, it might be the total opposite of that.

I will say this. if this is pulled off correctly it would be a great handheld. One that i almost guarantee that i would pick up day one, but as a console replacement it seems it would be tossing all of our complaints out the window and them basically saying “Which sector within gaming do we make the most money with? Portable Gaming!! so obviously that’s what EVERYONE wants more of!!!” A very Nintendo way to go about things.

This honestly could be a disaster for Nintendo even worse than the Wii U or a Huge success.  I won’t fully judge until i see an official reveal and check out fan reaction. What i do know for hardcore gamers, this type of device described in the article isn’t anywhere close to something that would bring them over.

Now heres a “What If”

Crazy Theory Ahead:

What if Nintendo was planning on having the NX Dock that packed an EXTERNAL GPU. The Nintendo NX could be the Console/Handheld equivalent of the Razer Blade Stealth with it’s Dock acting as the Razer Core (Watch Video Below to understand) which gives it extra when connected to give you full current gen console power?

That could take it from being a gimped tablet grade handheld, to something that may even surpass current consoles depending on the power of the hardware inside of the dock. But how could Nintendo do this without raising the price to an insane level? Bundle in a standard dock without GPU in box and for those that want full power buy the optional Booster Dock (or whatever lol) w/ extra power inside. Once the hybrid was docked it could go into standby while it connects to take advantage of the extra power. This could be an Amazing First for the console industry. Though i doubt Nintendo would do something like this, but it’s an idea. This would make them holding off to reveal the device make more sense, because no one cares about a dockable tablet.

I actually made a video about this a long time ago that i turned on private because i thought it sounded stupid after a while lol. Sure, the idea i had in the video was a tad off from this, but the basic idea was the same. I’ll post it below if anyone would like to listen to my idea and give me feedback.

There you have it, my thoughts on ALLEGED design of the NX to be revealed soon, and why it wouldn’t work and what i believe could make it a success…..If people were willing to drop the extra money.

Let me know what you think. if you liked a share would be appreciated 🙂

Thank for reading and #StaySkyward my friends.



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