Destiny The Collection: The Hate Bandwagon Strikes Again…

Destiny The Collection: The Hate Bandwagon Strikes Again…

So….as you may or may not know, Bungie has announced Destiny The Collection

It is basically the equivalent of a Game Of The Year edition that includes:

  • Vanilla Destiny Campaign
  • Expansion I: The Dark Below
  • Expansion II: House of Wolves
  • Expansion III: The Taken King
  • Expansion IV: Rise of Iron

With a release date of September 20th 2016. Which I honestly think is a great deal if you are a Destiny newcomer or held off after you finished vanilla Destiny and are ready to come back. For everyone else, buy the standalone as usual if you’re all caught up.

Many didn’t see it my way though…

They think for Bungie/Activision to release all of the DLC with the base game for $59.99, while they paid $20 for each expansion (At it’s original release) along with the standalone game for 60 dollars was a “Slap in the face” to them. which has me thinking…have these guys been living under a rock or is this just another case of the hate bandwagon causing selective Outrage? As I pointed out in beginning of this, this is the equivalent of a Game Of The Year edition, which has always had all previous DLC, Along with the main story and no one gave a fudge back then. Why does it change now with Destiny?

Some are saying this is the game that should have been released from day one. More Nonsense. What was deserved was for the main story to not be dissected out of greed at last minute (allegedly lol). Had that not been the case the main story would have been more fleshed out, but it still wouldn’t have added up to the amount of of content sold in 4 expansions and a main campaign. Folks are being ridiculous.

I know Bungie and Activision did foul by the consumers by the way they “supposedly” destroyed what was going to be an amazing story to break it up into pieces to sell as DLC, BUT any hate directed at them making this collection isn’t deserved ONE BIT.

Less Hate, More Gaming.

All this nonsense aside, I can’t wait to get back on Destiny soon and have some fun. I haven’t played that game since The Dark Below expansion. So it’s about time my return 🙂

So let me know what you think about Destiny The Collection. Are you looking forward to it, Think it’s what the game should have been at launch? Let me know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Destiny The Collection: The Hate Bandwagon Strikes Again…

  1. I suppose Bungie and Activision can do whatever they want but in my case they’ve already burned me with the launch game so this this new release doesn’t matter one iota. I don’t see the point of shelling out for DLC for a game that didn’t give me what I wanted in the first place. That and having to grind just to get to the first raid? No Way. However I do have friends who still play it and enjoy the experience so there’s still a market out there for the game no matter what I might personally think. 🙂

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