Is This The PS4 Slim?

Is This The PS4 Slim?

Supposedly leaked images of a legit PS4 slim have come out and……I don’t know what to think.

First off since the Nintendo NX controller fraud we experienced earlier this year, i’m even more cautious of leaked hardware images, because people are getting more and more clever with 3D printing available to them. But with it being so close to the Sep. 7th Playstation event and with just how detailed these images are, i could believe it. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Now as far as looks go, it’s not bad. It looks better at some angles than others, but according to @Shortmaneighty2 on twitter who posted a comparison shot between the original and the supposedly official slim (view below), you really need to see it in person to get it’s true beauty. We’ll see


Hopefully that is the case because at the moment it kinda looks like a slanted & blacked out Apple Time Capsule

Apple_MD033LL_A_Time_Capsule_3TB_802268 Edit

Also, why make something already so small and sleek even more tiny, which just decreases the ventilation for the console and increases the chance of overheating issues?

I’m sure they have swapped out some of the parts from the old model for ones that use less power and produce less heat, while also modifying the cooling system for the new case, but still…. such a small space to house a pretty powerful console kinda worries me. I don’t want any RRoD Action with the PS4, but we’ll see how all of this goes if it’s legit.

That’s all i have to say on this thing, whether it be real or fake. Let me know what you think in the comments. Good or Nah? (I feel like a such a hipster saying that trash lol) Is this a nice transition from the previous model and if you don’t already own a PS4, would you pick one of these up?

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Image credit goes to & @Shortmaneighty2 on twitter



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