Why I Don’t Like Suicide Squad…

Why I Don’t Like Suicide Squad…

Short and to the point w/ mild SPOILERS

  • The movie seems out of place since these are Batman villains that got their own movie before Batman himself. This shouldn’t have even been a thing until we had gotten introduced to at least half of these characters in Actual Batman Films!!
  • Dialogue sometimes is atrociously out of place. For example will Smith says to Harley ” Stay Evil, Doll face”and who can forget the awkward “Go Get It, Girl” moment with Amanda Waller and Enchantress. It’s like the writers were thinking about how the lines looked on paper, but not how they would actually sound.
  • Joker is just bad… He just seems like a low level goon. We don’t get a true sense of what would make him a worthwhile villain. It’s hard to see an entire Batman movie with him being interesting like with Heath Ledger’s Joker.
  • Why is there no explanation as to why Batman or Flash, which both make appearances in the film, don’t respond to this threat? It’s not that it wasn’t big enough. It was big enough to require all of them to take it down and Batman caught many of those villains individually.
  • Why did all of these people all of a sudden, similar to how it was done with Guardians of The Galaxy, BECOME BEST FRIENDS out of nowhere? Diablo at some point even refers to them as his second family and they even have a cheesy moment where Harley risks her life to protect ” her friends”, who she just met… That makes sense.
  • How the heck does Will Smith play a hardcore hitman, but still come out as the hero? He never sold me there. I understand the DeadShot character isn’t all bad, but come on! 
  • And Killer Croc’s Voice….just bad

What I liked?
Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and there were some nice action scenes. 

That’s about it…

Movie far too many times just rubbed me the wrong way and really killed my enjoyment. 

Hopefully this is mess is a result of DC Making their studio overhaul while this was already in production. Which meant it was too late to fix much without lots of reshoots or maybe it was the changes that killed it? Jared Leto did say the way thr film was pitched to him before was much different. Either way, not good.

I give it a 5/10. Not good, but not terrible. It had its cool moments

If you think I’m wrong or maybe I missed something of importance that brought the movie together better, let me know in the comments.

Thank for reading & stay skyward


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