Nintendo Never Learns… (Nintendo 3DS Direct thoughts)

Nintendo Never Learns… (Nintendo 3DS Direct thoughts)

Quick review to the Nintendo 3DS Direct today….Amiibos, More of the same, 3DS versions of Wii U games and bad decisions.

I’m not knocking the Amiibo. The classic Zelda amiibo that were announced look very clean…Amiibo

…and if i were into them like that, i’d probably be ready to pre-order, but the figures were more interesting than 90 percent of what was shown. I guess you can say it’s because the 3DS is nearing the end of it’s life cycle, but for someone that doesn’t have a 3DS anymore they didn’t give me any reason to pick one up with any of these games.

Let me knock out the things i enjoyed really quick:

1.Classic Zelda Amiibo line

2.Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS: Sure it’s just a Wii U game with some additions, but it looks great and i’ve yet to play the original.

3. Pikmin 3DS: It looked like fun, but that framerate in the video was ATROCIOUS. Hopefully this is just an early build or something wrong with the footage.

4. Galaxy New Nintendo 3DS XL, which we already knew about and i really like.



Other than that and a couple honorable mentions like Yokai Watch and Oasis, which look interesting, the Direct was a oddly child hearted disappointment.

And though i mentioned these games in my list of “things i liked from the direct”, Pikmin 3DS and Yoshi’s Wooly World are a part of the issue of Nintendo always pumping out more of the same. Nintendo is on one of two extremes at all times. Either they are TOO traditional which makes them feel stagnant and doesn’t appeal to most outside of the hardcore Nintendo fans or they do different but it’s EVERYTHING that no one wants lol. Why is there no in between? We need more than just mobile versions of games already on their failing home console.


My biggest complaints for the entire direct were within the announcements of the Super Mario Maker 3DS and the New Mario Party for 3DS (Don’t remember the official title). Mario Party can only be played on local co-op and Super Mario Maker can only share levels you create on this version through local-wireless and Streetpass. What makes the situation with SMM 3DS Worse, is the fact that you CAN download user created level, but only the ones created on the Wii U version. What kinda BS is that? Is it some kinda strange way to not keep people that were considering buying a Wii U for Super Mario Maker from not buying one by gimping the 3DS version?

As i said before NINTENDO NEVER LEARNS. It’s so past the point of frustration with how detached they are from the rest of the gaming world that it’s become like they are a joke in the gaming world. You can’t even be surprised anymore. You just say “welp….. That’s Nintendo”.

Why would they do this? How is a person that lives a long way from their friends, but still wants to play their friend’s SMM levels going to get them? Or if they want to play their friends in a match of Mario Party?  They need to let go of this outdated mentality. We aren’t in the 80s and 90s anymore. Folks have friends all over the globe now and would love to enjoy these games with them, but it’s like Nintendo doesn’t even care about giving users the best no-compromise experience. It’s just their way regardless of what the fans want. I understand not sacrificing the vision just to appeal, but this should be standard stuff by now.

I know some people. Especialy the hardcore fans would just say “well if you don’t like the features (or lack there of) then don’t play”, but that isn’t a solution. Obviously i and many others want to support the company that introduced many gamers to gaming, but it Nintendo just makes it so hard lol. Instead of defending Nintendo, that energy needs to go into pushing for some change so the NX doesn’t flop hard. Because if we are this late in the game and Nintendo still doesn’t get it, I have no hope for the NX being success at this point in time.

What did you think about the Nintendo 3DS Direct? Good, bad, Ugly? (lol) or did you think it was great, that i was too harsh and you can’t wait to play all of those games, including the ones i didn’t mention? Let me know in the comment section.

And, thank you for reading and if you liked please…like, share and follow for more content like it 🙂





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