My Weight Loss Journey Continues here…( Tracking My Progress)

My Weight Loss Journey Continues here…( Tracking My Progress)

Starting Weight: 308 lbs

Goal Weight: 280

No, this isn’t on some “New Year, New Me”nonsense. It’s just that time. I’m tired of looking in the mirror and feeling like I’m staring at my before image…And thinking ” When is the after image coming?”  

A few years ago I went hard with my fitness and dropped from 350+ to 288 and I felt so proud, but I ended up jumping back up to 328 and with a bit of self control, I lost a bit to my current weight of 308. Then came the plateau…

I’ve been bouncing around the 300-312 range for the last two years and instead of committing to getting lasting results, I feel I’ve been clinging to the past success of 60+ pounds lost, but that was then and this is now. 

I’m hoping putting this out here will be motivation to keep at it and not fall off like before. Anyone remember ” Project Black Panther”? I don’t know what happened with that, but I failed shortly after I posted that whole plan. I feel like I just talked, so much so that I felt a false sense of accomplishment through that, so i didn’t really feel a need to start. My goal is action this time, not planning and talking. 

I just want to track my weight loss, exercises, diet changes and have progress pics (maybe…Lol). Simple. No fancy names, project this or that… I’m just losing weight and getting in shape.

I’m just getting back on the wagon this week, so no update this week, but soon…

For anyone that is reading, if you want to join in, I’m down. Let’s Get It! Just drop a comment. 



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