I’m Retiring From Destiny…And Heres Why…

I’m Retiring From Destiny…And Heres Why…

Again…But I’m really done this time!

Hard to believe, but this is my third round with Destiny. I’ve bought this game three times. Each time, once the dust clears, I’m sitting there wondering why did this to myself.

I remember playing the Alpha and Beta thinking this was going to be amazing.A beautiful large world to explore with 3 man teams, amazing plot and well developed characters, and so much more…

…We got none of that.

We did get three classes of guardian, that until the 3rd expansion were basically the same, lame story dissected into even worse expansions, unfinished characters and small boring maps.

But the one thing that annoys me the most is just how lazy Bungie was when it came to enemy design. We have Hive, Fallen, Vex and Cabal. Each race has about three tiers of enemy and they all behave about the same across races.They all lacked personality. After a while it felt like you were fighting the same enemies, but with different skins. It didn’t matter if it was a raid or a boss battle they all seemed like slight variations of each other in design and with no voices (other than the occasional battle cry) and no cut scenes building up even the bosses personality, even majors like Aksis and Taniks felt like clones. it was all just painfully disappointing.

(SPOILER ALERT) So imagine my disappointment when I got to the final boss in the main story and it turned out to be tree slightly bigger, but just as beatable Pratorians. They didn’t even try to make the game go or with a bang and surprise us with an enemy we haven’t seen or make the giant vex heart/brain in the sky become the enemy, they just were extremely lazy or extremely rushed. Either way, it hurt the game.

“But the game has been out for three years. If you didn’t like it so much, why did you keep playing for so long?”

Well… despite all of the bad qualities (Some I’ve yet to mention) the satisfying controls and the fun i’d have from multiplayer and the gratification of getting new gear kept me going, and masked the bad for a while each time… Until the shiny coat faded and it finally hits me like a brick lol….

I would play through the terribly short expansion missions, run the raid a couple times and hit the strikes to get all the best gear, but then what? There is nothing left but dissatisfaction at the fact that you just logged in loads of time into a game to get this cool gear just so you can do… Nothing. And with the new updates you don’t even have to get raid gear to hit max level, so the replayability is cut even more for that.

They try to throw in timed and little holiday themed events like The Dawning to keep things fresh, but all of its flaws come rushing back through quickly after they are gone, and you’re left thinking “Why did I really waste more money on this game? Again!!”

Props to Bungie for creating something that can be so bad, and so good at the same time, but it’s time I make my exit from this hamster wheel of disappointment and buyer’s remorse.

But to send it off, here is a throwback video compilation of my first year on Destiny:

For all of those that still play Destiny, I’m not knocking you, but I’m done…For now. And if anyone feels what I’m talking about, let me know in a comment lol. I hope no rabbis fanboys show up.



4 thoughts on “I’m Retiring From Destiny…And Heres Why…

  1. You showed far more commitment to the game than I could. I gave up at the end of the “campaign” (if you could call it that) when I found out I needed to spend even more time playing just to see that first raid. No way was I going to spend money on DLC after that. I can understand why some people like it (the shooting is very good) but if you liked Bungie games for their campaigns it was a major disappointment.

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