Nintendo Switch D.O.A? (My Thoughts on Switch & Jan 12th Presentation)

Nintendo Switch D.O.A? (My Thoughts on Switch & Jan 12th Presentation)

Looks like we may see a repeat of Nintendo’s Wii U mistakes with the Switch

This is almost like Nintendo Never Learns pt.2. You go in hoping for the best, but you quickly realize that it’s the same situation all over again. But in this case in some areas Nintendo has taken their stupid to a new level. It’s seeming so much like a repeat of their mistakes with the Wii U gen that, i wouldn’t be surprised if their console/hybrid was D.O.A

Lets talk their big event…

Nintendo’s highly anticipated Switch event was one big missed opportunity to capture the minds of fans and non-fans all over. Unorganized, Cringy and just Half Baked. Some of the same characteristics that seem to reflect the device that the event was about pretty well. more about that later.

The presentation was Full of lame failed humor, dead boring translators that almost put me to sleep, micro teasers and cinematics of games(most of which won’t be available for the launch of the device) and not enough info about the device (that mattered). But i did learn a lot of unnecessary crap about the Joycon though. I finished watching the presentation that i waited almost three months for with almost as many questions as i had when i started…Had it not been for the Super Mario Oddesey and the new Zelda trailer, it would have been a complete fail.

What is the online gaming experience going to be like? What does the device’s interface look like? How much is this new paid online service going to cost me? Is there going to be party chat? All questions not answered within the presentation. Which meant that i had to do my own online research and/or wait until the treehouse event for more info. By then Nintendo had pretty much lost me.

Nintendo’s lack of an ability to develop of a clear message of what they are marketing to their audience and why it’s for me, is why the Wii U failed, and last night’s event showed that they hadn’t learned how to do better. They had my full attention for a full hour and gave me nothing but a desire to somehow get that time back.

Now, why exactly did i say that the Switch is may be D.O.A? Well…

(Remember this is just my opinion. So don’t flip if you don’t agree)

The Battery:

First off, the battery is no good.  2.5 to 6.5 hours of life depending on how intense the activity or game is on the device. Zelda is said to last for a pathetic 3 hours of gameplay per charge. I’m sure the 6 hours is going to come from playing virtual console games or something. Not games that folks are actually buying this for.

Nintendo showed people taking this to the park and having tournaments in their Oct.2016 preview, but how is that going to work if it dies before they finish? God forbid you forget to max charge it before you leave the house. You won’t even get that short amount of time to enjoy your games. I do understand that there will be loads of battery packs and such available for it, especially with it using USB type-c, but shouldn’t have to be thinking of how to make up for the devices short comings before I even buy one.


Next, we have the fact that it will have one of the shortest and weakest launch libraries in history.

Current 2017 Release Window schedule for Nintendo Switch

5 games, Son?! 5?

I get the list may change a little before and after launch, but what is this? The only game I’m truly interested in Breath of the wild. But in this case it’s not just about the quality of the games, but the quantity. How can they release with such a small list of games, most of which aren’t top tier?

On top of that this will be the 4th Generation in a row that Nintendo has created a device that complicates ports of major multiplats because of storage game storage types or simply being under powered. Both issues that Nintendo never had to have. So it won’t get games like the Next Assassins Creed, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Mass Effect Andromeda, ect because Nintendo always has to follow their own wave. This is why developers simply give up on Nintendo devices if their exclusives don’t work because they never have the option of simply porting multiplats without all the work arounds.

I can’t help but to Imagine how much better this list would have looked had Nintendo just given us a traditional console like we wanted? Games could have been easily ported over from other consoles, Zelda could have looked much better and same goes for Mario. Doesn’t matter much now, but it’s what most folks wanted


Online Gaming on Switch:

Now Nintendo will be charging you to play online, but the full service won’t even be ready day one. You will be able to play a trial service online on day one, that offers you basic online multiplayer, with no social features.


Because the app that you need to install on your smartphones that links to your switch which is required to interact with your friends isn’t ready yet.

Yes. I couldn’t believe it either…

Nintendo has the nerve to CHARGE you for a half baked service that requires you to chat, invite friends and send messages through an App on your smartphone!! So you’re paying them for the Nintendo equivalent of Discord?

Now their partnership with DeNA makes stupid sense. We thought they would just help them have a better understanding of online systems to make Nintendo Network more like XBL or PSN, but these fools just passed the whole job over to this mobile company and said put all social interaction and even game invites solely on an app outside of the device you just dropped 300+ on….

They probably did this because they realized that when you were using the Switch for both chatting and online gaming, it killed their weak battery even faster.

And those “free games” that come with the online subscription? Wait….i mean, those free monthly rentals? Nintendo is so damn greedy they can’t even let themselves copy Sony and Microsoft right. They are offering free trials on dusty SNES and NES games until the end of the month before they put their hand out to request that you buy them to keep playing. This kind of stuff really gives you an idea of the minds of the heads at Nintendo.

But this is Nintendo. Why am I surprised? Sure this is a whole new level of stupid, but it’s Nintendo. It’s to be expected. Some will say that you can’t expect too much for a price of $299…well Sony and Microsoft have proven that to be untrue.

I do understand that they aren’t all bad. Mario looks great. One of the first Mario games in so long that has me excited. Same for Zelda. And if it hadn’t been for that terrible launch line up and the atrocity that is their coming replacement for MiiVerse, i may have been able to overlook the issues and play ball, But nothing else makes this device and all of Nintendo’s foolery that comes with it worth it at this point…Sadly (For Nintendo) i believe this will be the thoughts of the majority of gamers.

While hardcore Nintendo fans might look past this, others will just ignore it and may be another Nintendo device fading in the shadow of the Playstation and Xbox, unless Nintendo can makes some BIG changes and fast. Microsoft did it with the Xbox One, so it’s not too late.

Now for those that have no issue with these things, have fun with your new Switch come March 3rd. But for me, unless I got some of these details incredibly wrong, I’ll sit back and wait.

Thanks for reading, like, share and follow if you dug this and let me know what you think in the comments. Will you be buying a switch day one? Will you wait? Are you done with Nintendo period? Let me know…

Peace #LiveSkyward



9 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch D.O.A? (My Thoughts on Switch & Jan 12th Presentation)

  1. Remember the PlayStation 2 launch line up ….Just saying that ended up being one of the best consoles ever …But loved the article their mobile platform for party chat and invites is pretty damn stupid even if I get why they did since the system is made to be portable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope that turns out to be good. I hope this turns out to be the PS2 of handhelds and ends up changing the game, even though I don’t like being charged for online when they aren’t offering anything new.

      I want them to prove me wrong so I can have a reason to pick one for Zelda and Mario Oddesey lol

      Glad you liked the article. Thanks for checking it out


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  2. I preordered the Switch because I think it’s getting some great games. Zelda, Snipperclips, Bomberman, and Has-Been Heroes will be enough for me until some more games are released. I love that so many 3DS looking games are coming to the console and I expect games like that to have much more battery life then 2 hours. How many people really have time to sit down and game for 3 straight hours anyway? The battery life is not a issue for me.

    Fire Emblem, all 4 Dragon Quest games, Zelda, Mario, and freaking Xenoblade 2 has me really excited. I’m also hyped for the new Shin Megami Tensei game. If I want to play games like Mass Effect or Ghost Recon I have a PC for that. The Switch is the only console that I’ll own besides my 3DS.

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    1. From your perspective, i could understand how you could justify that purchase. But it’s still unfortunate that this will be the fourth gen where Nintendo’s hardware decisions have kept them from having a top grade console that gets all the best first and 3rd party games.

      I’m sure it will still be a decent device….or at least i’m hoping.

      Thanks for checking out the blog.


      1. I don’t understand why people want Nintendo to be just like Sony/Microsoft. As a PC gamer I’m not interested in either the PS4 or Xbox One. If I want to play great third party games I’ve got my PC for that. I’m getting this console for it’s exclusives and it’s eventually going to replace the 3DS so it’s going to attract that crowd once all of the handheld games start releasing on it. I don’t need a top grade console because my PC outperforms them all.

        You have a nice blog btw. I’ll check more of it out once I get home :).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Most don’t want it to be just like PS and Xbox. They want a console that gives the the best Nintendo games and best 3rd party. Just like Sony can give you Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, Infamous and great third party games like Mass Effect, GTA, etc. They want that from Nintendo. Not too much to ask, especially for a console.

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      3. We have different opinions on that one :). I don’t consider Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Killzone or Infamous great games :).

        I consider the Switch more of a handheld console then a actual console. It’s the strongest handheld ever made and that’s something to me since I love my handheld games to death. The console was just showed off and I think third party developers are a bit nervous about supporting it because of what happened with the Wii U. And the technically the Switch already has a bunch of third party games coming to it. Shin Megami Tensei, Fire Emblem, 4 Dragon Quest games, a new IP, and a bunch of other games were already announced. None of those games are first party Nintendo games so it depends on how you look at it. If you want some old school JRPGs this is the place to be. Now all I need is Pokemon, Metroid, and Monster Hunter and I’m set.

        The only first party games coming to the Switch from Nintendo at the moment is Zelda, 1,2 Switch, Arms, Splatoon, and Mario. Everything else is third party.

        I think the first year is going to be a bit rocky for the console because of it’s lack of games, but I think the console will do well.

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