While I Like The Justice League Trailer, Something Isn’t Quite Right…

While I Like The Justice League Trailer, Something Isn’t Quite Right…

If you didn’t know, the Justice League 1st official trailer released yesterday. While I thought the trailer was great and i’m excited for the movie, Zack Snyder seemed to carry over one of my biggest issue’s with Batman V Superman, which is that too much of the environment in the major fight scenes are Computer Generated or heavily filtered.

When so much of the background is obviously computer generated effects, it really steals from the atmosphere, almost creating a wall that keeps me from feeling more invested in their reality…if that makes sense. With Marvel movies while there is obviously some CG enhanced scenes, a lot of it is filmed in real locations which adds a essential touch of realism that brings the world visually to life and that was totally missing in BvS, which IMO felt like the last half of the final fight was filmed in a green box with no real elements which created both a disconnect with the world on screen and their struggle and totally messed with the sense of scale for the battle. Fingers crossed that the same won’t be true for Justice League, but i’ve already gotten touches of this from bits in the trailer, but it’s way too early to judge.

To end this on a brighter note, while i am not getting my hopes up, i enjoyed the trailer and hope this movie does really well. Especially as a DC/Marvel comic hero fan, and also because DC really needs a Win after Suicide Squad and BvS (even though i thought the latter wasn’t bad at all)

Let me know if you felt the same after seeing the trailer and/or about Batman V Superman, if you disagreed and just what you thought about the trailer Period! I want to talk about it with someone lol. Not enough geeks around here.

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If you didn’t get a chance to see the trailer, here you go:


5 thoughts on “While I Like The Justice League Trailer, Something Isn’t Quite Right…

  1. I think the trailer just left me feeling like I’d seen all this before with BvS. And even though that movie helped itself to some well known storylines from Batman and Superman it wasn’t a touch on the original material.

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