About S.V.


What’s up my people…I’m Joey. I am too am a NEAT GUY….    Thanks for reading….



Just Kidding, of course lol.


While that may be true, this about is about the blog. SkywardVision. I created this as a way to get out my thoughts on the things i love and am really passionate about without the character limitations of twitter, thinking about how my multi-threaded rant would spam someone’s TL, or feeling a need to censor myself in ANY WAY. But along the way…I learned that i wanted More (serious face).

SkywardVision has become more than a blog to me. It has become my dream of a label behind which all of my passions can grow with, and evolve. On here, Yes i will still have my opinions, rants, pick-ups, etc. But i want to take all that would like to join me, On my journey of self-discovery, brand building, Voice Acting, Geekery and LOVE……well maybe not love, but GAMING!! and that’s close right? Who doesn’t love games?

Speaking of twitter.. I did…you may have to go back a little bit, but it was in there somewhere lol… if you would like to chat it up with me on any of my favorite topics as listed above, You can follow on twitter @Skywardking, And give the blog a follow if you enjoy the content 🙂

Thanks for checking out my blog.





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