While I Like The Justice League Trailer, Something Isn’t Quite Right…

While I Like The Justice League Trailer, Something Isn’t Quite Right…

If you didn’t know, the Justice League 1st official trailer released yesterday. While I thought the trailer was great and i’m excited for the movie, Zack Snyder seemed to carry over one of my biggest issue’s with Batman V Superman, which is that too much of the environment in the major fight scenes are Computer Generated or heavily filtered.

When so much of the background is obviously computer generated effects, it really steals from the atmosphere, almost creating a wall that keeps me from feeling more invested in their reality…if that makes sense. With Marvel movies while there is obviously some CG enhanced scenes, a lot of it is filmed in real locations which adds a essential touch of realism that brings the world visually to life and that was totally missing in BvS, which IMO felt like the last half of the final fight was filmed in a green box with no real elements which created both a disconnect with the world on screen and their struggle and totally messed with the sense of scale for the battle. Fingers crossed that the same won’t be true for Justice League, but i’ve already gotten touches of this from bits in the trailer, but it’s way too early to judge.

To end this on a brighter note, while i am not getting my hopes up, i enjoyed the trailer and hope this movie does really well. Especially as a DC/Marvel comic hero fan, and also because DC really needs a Win after Suicide Squad and BvS (even though i thought the latter wasn’t bad at all)

Let me know if you felt the same after seeing the trailer and/or about Batman V Superman, if you disagreed and just what you thought about the trailer Period! I want to talk about it with someone lol. Not enough geeks around here.

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If you didn’t get a chance to see the trailer, here you go:


Check Out The Geek Cast ep. 86 ( w/ Me As This Weeks Guest)

Check Out The Geek Cast ep. 86 ( w/ Me As This Weeks Guest)


This week i am was a guest on The Geek Cast w/ Bobby aka Nintendo Guru. We talk about our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, the initial switch reveal presentation and where we would like to see it possibly go with future updates to the hardware. Also, we talk about the possibility of Ben Affleck leaving his role as Batman within the DC Cinematic Universe and who could possibly replace him. Continue reading “Check Out The Geek Cast ep. 86 ( w/ Me As This Weeks Guest)”

Why I Don’t Like Suicide Squad…

Why I Don’t Like Suicide Squad…

Short and to the point w/ mild SPOILERS

  • The movie seems out of place since these are Batman villains that got their own movie before Batman himself. This shouldn’t have even been a thing until we had gotten introduced to at least half of these characters in Actual Batman Films!!
  • Dialogue sometimes is atrociously out of place. For example will Smith says to Harley ” Stay Evil, Doll face”and who can forget the awkward “Go Get It, Girl” moment with Amanda Waller and Enchantress. It’s like the writers were thinking about how the lines looked on paper, but not how they would actually sound.
  • Joker is just bad… He just seems like a low level goon. We don’t get a true sense of what would make him a worthwhile villain. It’s hard to see an entire Batman movie with him being interesting like with Heath Ledger’s Joker.
  • Why is there no explanation as to why Batman or Flash, which both make appearances in the film, don’t respond to this threat? It’s not that it wasn’t big enough. It was big enough to require all of them to take it down and Batman caught many of those villains individually.
  • Why did all of these people all of a sudden, similar to how it was done with Guardians of The Galaxy, BECOME BEST FRIENDS out of nowhere? Diablo at some point even refers to them as his second family and they even have a cheesy moment where Harley risks her life to protect ” her friends”, who she just met… That makes sense.
  • How the heck does Will Smith play a hardcore hitman, but still come out as the hero? He never sold me there. I understand the DeadShot character isn’t all bad, but come on! 
  • And Killer Croc’s Voice….just bad

What I liked?
Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and there were some nice action scenes. 

That’s about it…

Movie far too many times just rubbed me the wrong way and really killed my enjoyment. 

Hopefully this is mess is a result of DC Making their studio overhaul while this was already in production. Which meant it was too late to fix much without lots of reshoots or maybe it was the changes that killed it? Jared Leto did say the way thr film was pitched to him before was much different. Either way, not good.

I give it a 5/10. Not good, but not terrible. It had its cool moments

If you think I’m wrong or maybe I missed something of importance that brought the movie together better, let me know in the comments.

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        Justice League Comic-Con footage and A Wonder Woman Trailer!!!

        Justice League Comic-Con footage and A Wonder Woman Trailer!!!

        I am not a fanboy when it comes to the whole debate of DC vs Marvel, but i’ve definitely wanted DC to come with the heat and they brought it today….

        Ladies & Gentlemen, our official first look at The Justice League movie!!!….

        I am trying to bring down the geek hype right now to tell how i feel about this when i’m not on a high, but it’s just not happening lol. I dig this footage, the lighter tone of the scenes, yes the coloring is still dreary as hell, but who cares. Comedic delivery to some of the lines, if they can add enough variety  with the humor so it’s not stale, get the pacing correct (UNLIKE with the original Cut of BvS), not jam too much into this film to push to story to the next stage (also an issue with Man of Steel and BvS) and this could be AMAZING!! And that Flash and Bruce Wayne scene, my boy? Amazing! The fact that the chemistry is there in the trailer has me excited. The stars are aligning for this film, Zack…..Just bring it home Lol.

        Now….Last, but not least the official First Wonder Woman film trailer!!

        Now… as i’ve mentioned before in my Batman v Superman review (Click here to read) and in a couple tweets, I want to love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but she gives off more of a seductive spy vibe than a strong Amazonian Goddess!! (Who else think’s Gal Gadot would have been amazing as Catwoman?) BUT….She’s starting to come through for me. I just need to remember “Alternate Universe WW” and all is well. She is damn good with the action scenes and her line delivery brings a new side to Diana Prince. I am open, and waiting…..Lol. I just want her to prove me wrong and be the best live action Wonder Woman i’ve ever seen.

        As far as the trailer goes, Tone is great, I love the bold colors of the atmosphere and the classic WW colored suit. Action? Well, if you saw BvS you know she can put in work. The scene of her taking down all of those men in that cabin is the female equivalent of Batman warehouse fight scene in…..Yes, another reference to it…..Batman V Superman. All is well, just as i said before waiting for her performance to really shine through. Great action with a mediocre performance is like a rap song that has a great beat, but atrocious lyrics. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to that.

        That was great my people. The only thing that could have made that better would have been a sneak peak of the upcome Batman movie starring Ben Affleck. But I am satisfied. All DC v Marvel Warriors need to set aside their fanboyism and just acknowledge this as a good day to be a comic hero fan.

        Thank you for reading, my people. If you liked it, a share would be much appreciated and remember to always #StaySkyward!!


        Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: What A Difference An Extra 30 Mins Makes…

        Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: What A Difference An Extra 30 Mins Makes…

        I almost feel like i should apologize to Zack Snyder for my previous review (See Here)

        This… is the movie that we should have seen in theaters. What was done to the original cut just for the sake of cutting time was unacceptable. After seeing this it feels like they completely sabotaged the experience. Thankfully we have this… Which shows that the film it self wasn’t just bad because it was poorly made. Sure there are still some questionable decisions made that keep the film from being Greatness, but this is a Decent film.

        Characters are fully developed because of their extended on-screen time, motives are better explained which doesn’t leave us feeling like their reactions were unnecessary or out of place. And the pacing? FIXED. I no longer feel like i am watching multiple movies badly stitched together. It’s just one, dare i say it….Smooth experience. The improved story progression and character development are so much better that it makes most of my previous complaints feel irrelevant. It no longer feels like it’s been rushed to get us on the quickest route to the Justice League, and the build up to the climax of the film makes the ending feel so much more deserved. I actually watched the end and felt content with this film, but ready to see more. Total opposite of how i felt walking out of the theater from seeing BvS the first two times. I’m geeking out over here.

        I am sad this isn’t the film we got to see from the beginning, because this is actually a film deserving of praise. But once again…. at least we have this. Before i probably would have given this film a 6.8-7.0 out of 10 in my previous review. Today i believe the Ultimate Cut deserves a Solid 8 out of 10. Great Movie.


        If you have not already seen this movie or have it pre-ordered(especially if you’ve only seen the original version), Do yourself this favor and order this right now. I’ll even give you the link to buy it Here lol.

        Now I’d like to know your opinion on the movie. Did you like it? (This version and/or the original) If you haven’t seen it, WHY NOT!!?? lol. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

        As always, Thanks for reading and #AlwaysStaySkyward, My People 🙂



        Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition Trailer (Best Trailer Yet)

        Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition Trailer (Best Trailer Yet)

        Well….If you read my impressions….you know how i felt about this movie in it’s a original form. Ultimately it was a disappointment that had the potential to be Great. Now….This trailer with the added scenes makes for the best one yet to be released for the film, In my honest opinion. It feels like the film i Wanted To See, and if the extra 30 MINUTES of scenes can make this film feel more whole and give the same feel as this trailer (Highly Unlikely)…I’m in. Either way i’m in, because i’m curious to see what’s changed, but i’ll be a lot happier as a fan.  But we’ll see…

        Here it is…check out this greatness for yourselves.

        Batman v Superman: My Thoughts (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

        Batman v Superman: My Thoughts (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

        Well here it is (in BvS Batman’s voice). I’ve seen this two times and i feel i’ve been able to process what happened in the movie and my feelings enough to put in down in text form. So straight to the point this will be my feelings on the movie and most important my feelings on the INFAMOUS MARTHA SCENE lol. Lets go…


        To begin, lets get my thoughts on newly introduced characters out of the way…

        Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne: He has done a great job bringing the classic comic/animated series batman to life….unlike with the TDK trilogy. His animated facial expressions, the classic suit, awesome action scenes and performance as Bruce Wayne were just top notch. I enjoyed that i didn’t see him and feel like i’m watching Ben Affleck playing Batman, because he actually gets lost in the character. Just wish his introduction as Batman could have been in a slightly better movie.

        Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor:  His demeanor is borderline Joker/Riddler. He isn’t the cold hard calculated Lex that we’ve come to hate/love in the past. As Kevin Smith said in his review, i would have even taken the character type he played in The Social Network as Lex, but this erratic behavior and unexplained descent into madness doesn’t fit the character. Bad casting choice, Not the actor’s fault in this case.

        Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince: I personally feel that i need more time for her to grow on me. Action scenes were good and visually she pulls off the part of this version of Wonder Woman, but she doesn’t have that Strong, Amazonian presence that you expect from this character. Now if she was Catwoman, she would fit PERFECTLY! She needs to work on her vocal expression of emotion because her words just don’t project the strength of the WW, but she had few words, so things can change. Not bad though. I wish we could have gotten more time with Diana through the movie, instead of only seeing her when she crosses paths with Batman or Superman. Is what it is though.

        She does look damn good in that suit though.

        Story: The film has beautiful visuals and tone, but the story is lacking. As is the case with Man of Steel before it, The entire movie feels like a rushed experience which clears the most important bits of the source material in an almost checklist like fashion, while sending you on the fastest track to the Justice League films as possible. Not only that, but it’s full of holes and missed opportunities for greatness. It’s not all bad, you can see where this movie could have been great. Like the foundation was set, but there wasn’t enough time, so they cut corners, and set scenes into motion with no set up or motive from the characters. Sometimes making the transition between scenes feel jarring, like you walked away and missed an important bit of the film…..only, it was never there to begin with lol.

        Characters lacked Depth: We never truly get to get into the heads of any of the film’s characters to truly learn about their personality and establish some sort of connection with the on-screen character or Understand their motives in the film, which leaves people walking out of the movie with a question mark in their heads. Sure there is a basic explanation for most, but we don’t truly get to understand Lex Luthor’s logic behind his crazy decisions, Batman’s Hate for Superman which fuels the battle or his reasoning for calling a truce. It’s all because it trades dialogue and character depth for action scenes, which was a fail. This isn’t Transformers. Batman and Superman…even Lex Luthor deserve better than this.

        Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash Reveal: It felt half assed. The movie fails to even explain how Lex even found them or even discovered their existence. It’s just here they are….On Lex’s computer, With their Character logos and all lol. How did he find them? Why did he find them? Who knows? And what was up with Aquaman? He didn’t move like someone that lives under water. He truly did look very slow and uncomfortable.  Regardless, They could have gone about this a different way. Why not have the dream sequence/premonition or whatever lead Batman to find the other members of the JL? Or maybe he realizes that after the death of Superman, if something like a Doomsday ever happens again, he would be completely outmatched, so he finds reinforcements using his skills as worlds best detective. SOMETHING!! lol.

        The Infamous “Martha” Scene: I have no issue with it, because it’s not what people are making it out to be. Batman giving up and befriending Superman simply because their moms share first names? NAH. Think deeper. Batman is completely shocked and broken out of his rage from hearing his mother’s name, and it makes him think about the fact that Superman/Clark isn’t some alien death Machine like Doomsday that he needs to exterminate. He’s a person with parents, just like him. And his rage not only almost led to him killing someone that didn’t deserve it only because of the possibility of him being a threat in the future, but might lead to Clark’s Martha being murdered by thugs in the same way his Mom was (along with his Dad). So the reason for Bruce’s promise to Clark that he wouldn’t let his mother die, was because he saw this as a SECOND CHANCE to do what he couldn’t as a child, and SAVE MARTHA! It’s Symbolic people.

        Now if the movie wasn’t being rushed, maybe Bruce’s epiphany could have been explained in film and wouldn’t have caused so much ignorant backlash.

        FINAL THOUGHTS: The movie is visually beautiful, full of amazing action scenes (that were spoiled by the trailers) and features the best live action Batman yet, but once the dust clears, it’s a mess. Is it as bad as the critic reviews? HELL NO. But it’s terribly flawed and Unless this Ultimate Cut of the movie coming in may can fix the issues of the original (which i doubt…), I think Zack Snyder needs to be let go. His visions for this films are beautiful, but are forgettable and broken to a very high degree. I don’t want these issues to be pushed over to Justice League or any other DC movie. It’s time to let someone else take over and do this right. I’m just happy that he isn’t involved with the Solo Batman, because i would be scared for that too right about now.

        We need to start a #SaveTheJusticeLeague movement to get him out Lol. Just jokes. Those are my impressions on impressions on the points of the film i thought were most important at the time of this post lol. Hope you like it (if you did pls share and maybe follow :). If you didn’t…welp lol.