ICYMI: No One Should Pay For Nintendo’s Online Service As Is…. (Video)

ICYMI: No One Should Pay For Nintendo’s Online Service As Is…. (Video)

Shame on me….I’ve neglected my  blog so much that i kept forgetting to post my newest youtube video. Thanks to all the people that follow me. More content will be coming.

This video is my response to the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch Online Chat app and headset….set up. By the title…I had some strong opinions, some i wish i could have gotten across a little better, BUT (lol) here it is: (thanks to all that watch)


First Look at Next Major Xbox One System Update (I Dig it)

First Look at Next Major Xbox One System Update (I Dig it)

While i usually don’t use my blog for posts about system updates, this i felt was big enough to justify it. And some of these changes made were greatly needed.

Replacing what i thought was a well improved, but far too busy interface, is a much simpler, almost touch-centric UI. One of the biggest improvements i’m looking forward to is the relocation of the “My Games & Apps” button. It felt way too out of reach for something that every gamer would be using so often. Simple, but greatly appreciated.

To see all of the changes coming in the future update click the video below:

My First E3 Experience!! (#E32017) w/pics

My First E3 Experience!! (#E32017) w/pics


So finally after years and years of wanting to step onto the E3 show floor, it finally happened. Was it as magically delicious as it seemed it would be years prior? Nope, but it still a great experience, that left me wishing i had done more, explored more…. definitely will do next year!

Honestly, i didn’t play nearly as many games as i thought i would. Of the two days that i attended, i played a total of THREE games…..yes, three. Long lines, coupled with early cut off times and random exploration and day two burnout led to this lol. But that’s fine. I got to play Forza Motorsport 7 ( on Xbox One X dev kits, which is pretty darn cool too), Crackdown 3 and Super Mario Odyssey. The latter of which, i spent almost an hour and a half in a crazy line for, but i enjoyed it, got to play the Nintendo Switch for the first time and got this clean visor:


which alone made the wait worth it. If you notice above that there aren’t many photos of the Ubisoft, Bethesda or Sony booths, that’s because i spent 80 percent of my time around Microsoft and Nintendo’s areas lol. I really wanted to try out some games at the PS Booth, but i decided to skip day 3…(a decision i now regret DEEPLY). I really wanted to try out Uncharted Lost Legacy, SW: Battlefront 2, Gran Turismo Sport, Mario + Rabbids, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Some of the V.R. gaming and a lot more stuff, but….hey, there’s always PSX 2017 and E3 2018, which i will be attending.

Though it was a somewhat overcrowded mess at times, it was an experience i’m glad i had and i’m looking forward to E3 2018. Just kinda hope they somehow decrease the amount of people allowed in so i can get to the games quicker lol. But who am i to complain, opening it up to the public is how i got in this year lol.

Tip to anyone going next year: Skip the inside food. Head outside to the food trucks! The food is terribly overpriced, but it was delicious!!! lol.

Anyway, thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy the pics of the little taste of the e3 scenery…



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New Nintendo 2DS XL Might Be The Best release in the 3DS line in years…

New Nintendo 2DS XL Might Be The Best release in the 3DS line in years…

At first I thought it was a late April Fools joke, but now Introducing this device at this point makes perfect sense to me. This which is most likely going to replace both the original and XL New 3DS, is the perfect end of life cycle hardware revision.

It takes all of the good of the 2DS ($79) and the premium New 3DS XL Model ($199. More if you didnt own an AC adapter, since one didn’t come packed in) and put it all together into an affordable yet powerful package for $149, perfect for anyone still looking to but a device in the 3DS family at this point. 

For those that don’t think this makes business sense, listen…. 

At this time, with the introduction of the Nintendo Switch, Big N obviously wanted to scale back manufacturing costs on all 3DS models….. So they took the preferred size for most people 12 years & older (which is why Nintendo only released the N3DS XL first In N.A. and why I say this replaces both N3DS models), Packed in the “New” 3DS internals for compatibility with all games and improved performance, took away the 3D that NO ONE used after the first week of use, and slapped it into a durable, easy on the eyes package, and they have a product so cheap to manufacture that Nintendo can sell it for $150 w/ an AC adapter this time lol. 

Also, keep in mind…Nintendo needs to maintain the life of the 3DS line of devices as a safety net…just in case. Compared to the other consoles, The Switch is very risky and while sales are soaring high now, sales for the Wii U were high too this close after launch, but we know how that worked out. They would be risking it all to drop the 3DS to give all support to the Switch not knowing how things will turn out. 

But won’t this be stealing shine from the Nintendo Switch by announcing this so close to the Switch launch?” 

it doesn’t release until end of July 2017. By that time E3 will have come and gone and Nintendo will have (Hopefully) dropped some major announcements, and make it stand out against the the amazing 3DS Library and even the PS4 and Xbox One.

So for all the folks thinking this is Nintendo shooting themselves in the foot because it will hurt the Switch or that this is another pointless 3DS model, I hope you’ve seen​ the light lol. 

In all honesty, it’s basically the PS3 SuperSlim of 3DS’ and as you saw with that, it didn’t negativity effect the PS4 sales while being pushed along side it for the first year and a half of its life, so expect this to have almost no effect on the Switch.

So what are your thoughts on the New 2DS XL? Let me know in the comments…

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New Video: Play Mass Effect Andromeda For Yourself Before You Hate


My First Video in almost a year and a half. But i got the mojo to make videos after i did a couple podcasts lately. I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think. Much more coming in the future…



Check Out The Geek Cast ep. 86 ( w/ Me As This Weeks Guest)

Check Out The Geek Cast ep. 86 ( w/ Me As This Weeks Guest)


This week i am was a guest on The Geek Cast w/ Bobby aka Nintendo Guru. We talk about our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, the initial switch reveal presentation and where we would like to see it possibly go with future updates to the hardware. Also, we talk about the possibility of Ben Affleck leaving his role as Batman within the DC Cinematic Universe and who could possibly replace him. Continue reading “Check Out The Geek Cast ep. 86 ( w/ Me As This Weeks Guest)”

Nintendo Switch D.O.A? (My Thoughts on Switch & Jan 12th Presentation)

Nintendo Switch D.O.A? (My Thoughts on Switch & Jan 12th Presentation)

Looks like we may see a repeat of Nintendo’s Wii U mistakes with the Switch

This is almost like Nintendo Never Learns pt.2. You go in hoping for the best, but you quickly realize that it’s the same situation all over again. But in this case in some areas Nintendo has taken their stupid to a new level. It’s seeming so much like a repeat of their mistakes with the Wii U gen that, i wouldn’t be surprised if their console/hybrid was D.O.A

Lets talk their big event…

Nintendo’s highly anticipated Switch event was one big missed opportunity to capture the minds of fans and non-fans all over. Unorganized, Cringy and just Half Baked. Some of the same characteristics that seem to reflect the device that the event was about pretty well. more about that later.

The presentation was Full of lame failed humor, dead boring translators that almost put me to sleep, micro teasers and cinematics of games(most of which won’t be available for the launch of the device) and not enough info about the device (that mattered). But Continue reading “Nintendo Switch D.O.A? (My Thoughts on Switch & Jan 12th Presentation)”

I’m Retiring From Destiny…And Heres Why…

I’m Retiring From Destiny…And Heres Why…

Again…But I’m really done this time!

Hard to believe, but this is my third round with Destiny. I’ve bought this game three times. Each time, once the dust clears, I’m sitting there wondering why did this to myself.

I remember playing the Alpha and Beta thinking this was going to be amazing.A beautiful large world to explore with 3 man teams, amazing plot and well developed characters, and so much more…

…We got none of that.

We did get three classes of guardian, that until the 3rd expansion were basically the same, lame story dissected into even worse expansions, unfinished characters and small boring maps.

But the one thing that annoys me the most is just how lazy Bungie was when it came to enemy design. We have Hive, Fallen, Vex and Cabal. Each race has about three tiers of enemy and they all behave about the same across races.They all lacked personality. After a while it felt like you were fighting the same enemies, but with different skins. It didn’t matter if it was a raid or a boss battle they all seemed like slight variations of each other in design and with no voices (other than the occasional battle cry) and no cut scenes building up even the bosses personality, even majors like Aksis and Taniks felt like clones. it was all just painfully disappointing.

(SPOILER ALERT) So imagine my disappointment when I got to the final boss in the main story and it turned out to be tree slightly bigger, but just as beatable Pratorians. They didn’t even try to make the game go or with a bang and surprise us with an enemy we haven’t seen or make the giant vex heart/brain in the sky become the enemy, they just were extremely lazy or extremely rushed. Either way, it hurt the game.

“But the game has been out for three years. If you didn’t like it so much, why did you keep playing for so long?”

Well… despite all of the bad qualities (Some I’ve yet to mention) the satisfying controls and the fun i’d have from multiplayer and the gratification of getting new gear kept me going, and masked the bad for a while each time… Until the shiny coat faded and it finally hits me like a brick lol….

I would play through the terribly short expansion missions, run the raid a couple times and hit the strikes to get all the best gear, but then what? There is nothing left but dissatisfaction at the fact that you just logged in loads of time into a game to get this cool gear just so you can do… Nothing. And with the new updates you don’t even have to get raid gear to hit max level, so the replayability is cut even more for that.

They try to throw in timed and little holiday themed events like The Dawning to keep things fresh, but all of its flaws come rushing back through quickly after they are gone, and you’re left thinking “Why did I really waste more money on this game? Again!!”

Props to Bungie for creating something that can be so bad, and so good at the same time, but it’s time I make my exit from this hamster wheel of disappointment and buyer’s remorse.

But to send it off, here is a throwback video compilation of my first year on Destiny:

For all of those that still play Destiny, I’m not knocking you, but I’m done…For now. And if anyone feels what I’m talking about, let me know in a comment lol. I hope no rabbis fanboys show up.


Will The Nintendo Switch Sink Or Save The Company? (My Thoughts)

Will The Nintendo Switch Sink Or Save The Company? (My Thoughts)

The Nintendo NX has been finally revealed as The Nintendo…..Switch. Yes the name makes sense, but lets just call it NS 🙂

Here are my thoughts…

Other than the name, i like it. Or at least what the demo claims it could offer me if things go as planned. Though I definitely can see myself organizing a MK8 meet up with this.

I did come out of the preview feeling dissatisfied. Mostly because we didn’t get much confirmation on anything other than it being a hybrid and that it uses carts instead of disks.

I felt we were given more questions than answers, and according to rumor we may not be getting important spec details until early 2017. Which is a tad frustrating because I feel that after all of that time dealing with fakes and rumors that we deserved a Treehouse type of event or at least a 30 min direct.

We were shown that the there are a decent amount of top tier devs/publishers committed to supporting the NS aka Switch…


Some that have even come out before stating how they were enjoying the experience of working with the NX devkit. But i refuse to get hyped for that for two reasons:

  • The Wii U had a nice list of devs that were talking the pleasures of developing for the console pre-launch, but we know how that turned out…
  • Not all platform support is good support….remember the gimped ports that the Wii u received before you jump for joy. Missing Features, No DLC , Poor performance, Etc.

I definitely wish for this to work out as it should or how we are hoping it will, but things haven’t been going that way for a long time now. Still keeping hope alive though…


So how do i feel about the hardware? I like it. I have to get my hands on the Joy-Con controllers to get a feel for them. Especially with them looking kinda small, and me being someone with bigger hands, i can’t see myself using them separately for multiplayer as shown in the preview video.

I just wish we would have gotten more details. Internal Storage Capacity, Does it have Expandable storage?,Battery Life, Screen Resolution, When the Joy-con are disconnected from the screen does that decrease battery life? (Assuming it uses their internal batteries to extend it’s life. Why wouldn’t it?) Launch titles, Pricing, Internal Specs of the device, does the docking station increase the graphical power of the NS when plugged in?

We Got None of that….

So that’s a bummer, but it is what it is.

Know what else is a bummer? This so-called DPad on the default controller:nintendo-switch-joy-con-controller-modded

I know they did this so they could double as Y,X,A,B buttons for multiplayer when detached from the screen, but i don’t think it’s worth it. How is this going to feel for fighters or 2D side scrollers? This just seems like a major sacrifice for a concept that i’m sure most won’t take advantage of once the novelty wears off (Like 3D on the 3DS).

But thankfully there is the Nintendo Switch Pro controller:


Proper controller with bigger face buttons and a true D-pad. As long as this isn’t super expensive, i’ll be alright with this.

As far as games, we’ve seen footage of what looks like a New Mario, what looks like an updated version of MK8, Splatoon and Elder Scrolls Skyrim…. That was a surprise. I’ve never played that game, but i’m interested in trying it on this device. Hopefully it’s a launch title.

One of the most appealing things about the NS is the killing off of the division between Nintendo console and handheld games. Now you buy one device and you have access to them all and no more ported versions of games getting exclusive content on one Nintendo Device (Hyrule Warriors 3DS for example). Now we will be able to play pokemon on the Go and In The Home. And hasn’t that always been the dream? lol

Bottom Line:

Nintendo sold me on the concept, But as we’ve seen with the Wii U, it’s not intention that matters. It takes proper EXECUTION. This could be the one to bring Nintendo back to the top or sink the whole ship. If course I’m hoping for the former.

With great pricing of around $250 to $300 max, proper online system (None of that Miiverse Nonsense, unless it gets a major overhaul) with stable online play and text and voice chat and a great library of games, this could be what we wanted in the Wii U.

It has the potential to rock the gaming world Pokemon Go style if Nintendo learned from their mistakes of last gen and are willing to get rid if their out dated ways of doing things. No more cutting out online multiplayer to force people to play locally and no more limited social features because they fear that they will be misused. That is an understandable worry, but they shouldn’t try to play big brother or gimp the multiplayer experience, which is an essential piece of modern gaming, out of paranoia.

Those are my thoughts. So far I’m happy with what I see, but I need more before I’ll be jumping in line to get my pre-order.

The wait continues…


Thanks for reading. I’d like to know what you all liked or didn’t like about the Nintendo Switch reveal. Was the preview enough to build hype for you or do they still need to prove themselves after their past failures? Let me know in the comments and please follow the blog if you enjoyed and would like to see more posts like this.



Finally tomorrow (Oct. 20th) at 7am pt we’ll get to see the NX…let’s just hope it’s not called the Duo or something like that. 

Trying to not get hyped because that has not served me well in the past with Nintendo. Going in with small expectations and feeling won’t get hurt lol.

The wait continues…