My Weight Loss Journey Continues here…( Tracking My Progress)

My Weight Loss Journey Continues here…( Tracking My Progress)

Starting Weight: 308 lbs

Goal Weight: 280

No, this isn’t on some “New Year, New Me”nonsense. It’s just that time. I’m tired of looking in the mirror and feeling like I’m staring at my before image…And thinking ” When is the after image coming?”  

A few years ago I went hard with my fitness and dropped from 350+ to 288 and I felt so proud, but I ended up jumping back up to 328 and with a bit of self control, I lost a bit to my current weight of 308. Then came the plateau…

I’ve been bouncing around the 300-312 range for the last two years and instead of committing to getting lasting results, I feel I’ve been clinging to the past success of 60+ pounds lost, but that was then and this is now. 

I’m hoping putting this out here will be motivation to keep at it and not fall off like before. Anyone remember ” Project Black Panther”? I don’t know what happened with that, but I failed shortly after I posted that whole plan. I feel like I just talked, so much so that I felt a false sense of accomplishment through that, so i didn’t really feel a need to start. My goal is action this time, not planning and talking. 

I just want to track my weight loss, exercises, diet changes and have progress pics (maybe…Lol). Simple. No fancy names, project this or that… I’m just losing weight and getting in shape.

I’m just getting back on the wagon this week, so no update this week, but soon…

For anyone that is reading, if you want to join in, I’m down. Let’s Get It! Just drop a comment. 



First Official Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer is Here! 

First Official Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer is Here! 

The trailer we’ve all been waiting for is here…

Edit: After watching both the International and US trailers for Spider-Man Homecoming, I had to come in with an edit to bring the people the Best Version to watch first, which is the International trailer


International trailer: 

….and here is the INFERIOR Teeny-bopper version aka he US version

NewSounds: Wake Up (Strict Face Remix) by Dawn Richard

NewSounds: Wake Up (Strict Face Remix) by Dawn Richard

The first 5 seconds just takes you to another place with its dark & mysterious, yet beautiful music…

This is a remix of ‘Wake Up‘ one of the newest releases from Dawn Richard, formerly of the Pop Group Danity Kane.  I’ve been listening to her for the last year and I am still surprised by the constantly evolving sound in her music. 

Just listen…

D∆WN – Wake Up (Strict Face Remix)

If you like this make sure to give her a Follow on SoundCloud. She is so underrated and definitely deserves more attention.

Thanks for the view…


Will The Nintendo Switch Sink Or Save The Company? (My Thoughts)

Will The Nintendo Switch Sink Or Save The Company? (My Thoughts)

The Nintendo NX has been finally revealed as The Nintendo…..Switch. Yes the name makes sense, but lets just call it NS 🙂

Here are my thoughts…

Other than the name, i like it. Or at least what the demo claims it could offer me if things go as planned. Though I definitely can see myself organizing a MK8 meet up with this.

I did come out of the preview feeling dissatisfied. Mostly because we didn’t get much confirmation on anything other than it being a hybrid and that it uses carts instead of disks.

I felt we were given more questions than answers, and according to rumor we may not be getting important spec details until early 2017. Which is a tad frustrating because I feel that after all of that time dealing with fakes and rumors that we deserved a Treehouse type of event or at least a 30 min direct.

We were shown that the there are a decent amount of top tier devs/publishers committed to supporting the NS aka Switch…


Some that have even come out before stating how they were enjoying the experience of working with the NX devkit. But i refuse to get hyped for that for two reasons:

  • The Wii U had a nice list of devs that were talking the pleasures of developing for the console pre-launch, but we know how that turned out…
  • Not all platform support is good support….remember the gimped ports that the Wii u received before you jump for joy. Missing Features, No DLC , Poor performance, Etc.

I definitely wish for this to work out as it should or how we are hoping it will, but things haven’t been going that way for a long time now. Still keeping hope alive though…


So how do i feel about the hardware? I like it. I have to get my hands on the Joy-Con controllers to get a feel for them. Especially with them looking kinda small, and me being someone with bigger hands, i can’t see myself using them separately for multiplayer as shown in the preview video.

I just wish we would have gotten more details. Internal Storage Capacity, Does it have Expandable storage?,Battery Life, Screen Resolution, When the Joy-con are disconnected from the screen does that decrease battery life? (Assuming it uses their internal batteries to extend it’s life. Why wouldn’t it?) Launch titles, Pricing, Internal Specs of the device, does the docking station increase the graphical power of the NS when plugged in?

We Got None of that….

So that’s a bummer, but it is what it is.

Know what else is a bummer? This so-called DPad on the default controller:nintendo-switch-joy-con-controller-modded

I know they did this so they could double as Y,X,A,B buttons for multiplayer when detached from the screen, but i don’t think it’s worth it. How is this going to feel for fighters or 2D side scrollers? This just seems like a major sacrifice for a concept that i’m sure most won’t take advantage of once the novelty wears off (Like 3D on the 3DS).

But thankfully there is the Nintendo Switch Pro controller:


Proper controller with bigger face buttons and a true D-pad. As long as this isn’t super expensive, i’ll be alright with this.

As far as games, we’ve seen footage of what looks like a New Mario, what looks like an updated version of MK8, Splatoon and Elder Scrolls Skyrim…. That was a surprise. I’ve never played that game, but i’m interested in trying it on this device. Hopefully it’s a launch title.

One of the most appealing things about the NS is the killing off of the division between Nintendo console and handheld games. Now you buy one device and you have access to them all and no more ported versions of games getting exclusive content on one Nintendo Device (Hyrule Warriors 3DS for example). Now we will be able to play pokemon on the Go and In The Home. And hasn’t that always been the dream? lol

Bottom Line:

Nintendo sold me on the concept, But as we’ve seen with the Wii U, it’s not intention that matters. It takes proper EXECUTION. This could be the one to bring Nintendo back to the top or sink the whole ship. If course I’m hoping for the former.

With great pricing of around $250 to $300 max, proper online system (None of that Miiverse Nonsense, unless it gets a major overhaul) with stable online play and text and voice chat and a great library of games, this could be what we wanted in the Wii U.

It has the potential to rock the gaming world Pokemon Go style if Nintendo learned from their mistakes of last gen and are willing to get rid if their out dated ways of doing things. No more cutting out online multiplayer to force people to play locally and no more limited social features because they fear that they will be misused. That is an understandable worry, but they shouldn’t try to play big brother or gimp the multiplayer experience, which is an essential piece of modern gaming, out of paranoia.

Those are my thoughts. So far I’m happy with what I see, but I need more before I’ll be jumping in line to get my pre-order.

The wait continues…


Thanks for reading. I’d like to know what you all liked or didn’t like about the Nintendo Switch reveal. Was the preview enough to build hype for you or do they still need to prove themselves after their past failures? Let me know in the comments and please follow the blog if you enjoyed and would like to see more posts like this.



Finally tomorrow (Oct. 20th) at 7am pt we’ll get to see the NX…let’s just hope it’s not called the Duo or something like that. 

Trying to not get hyped because that has not served me well in the past with Nintendo. Going in with small expectations and feeling won’t get hurt lol.

The wait continues…


Nintendo Never Learns… (Nintendo 3DS Direct thoughts)

Nintendo Never Learns… (Nintendo 3DS Direct thoughts)

Quick review to the Nintendo 3DS Direct today….Amiibos, More of the same, 3DS versions of Wii U games and bad decisions.

I’m not knocking the Amiibo. The classic Zelda amiibo that were announced look very clean…Amiibo

…and if i were into them like that, i’d probably be ready to pre-order, but the figures were more interesting than 90 percent of what was shown. I guess you can say it’s because the 3DS is nearing the end of it’s life cycle, but for someone that doesn’t have a 3DS anymore they didn’t give me any reason to pick one up with any of these games.

Let me knock out the things i enjoyed really quick:

1.Classic Zelda Amiibo line

2.Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS: Sure it’s just a Wii U game with some additions, but it looks great and i’ve yet to play the original.

3. Pikmin 3DS: It looked like fun, but that framerate in the video was ATROCIOUS. Hopefully this is just an early build or something wrong with the footage.

4. Galaxy New Nintendo 3DS XL, which we already knew about and i really like.



Other than that and a couple honorable mentions like Yokai Watch and Oasis, which look interesting, the Direct was a oddly child hearted disappointment.

And though i mentioned these games in my list of “things i liked from the direct”, Pikmin 3DS and Yoshi’s Wooly World are a part of the issue of Nintendo always pumping out more of the same. Nintendo is on one of two extremes at all times. Either they are TOO traditional which makes them feel stagnant and doesn’t appeal to most outside of the hardcore Nintendo fans or they do different but it’s EVERYTHING that no one wants lol. Why is there no in between? We need more than just mobile versions of games already on their failing home console.


My biggest complaints for the entire direct were within the announcements of the Super Mario Maker 3DS and the New Mario Party for 3DS (Don’t remember the official title). Mario Party can only be played on local co-op and Super Mario Maker can only share levels you create on this version through local-wireless and Streetpass. What makes the situation with SMM 3DS Worse, is the fact that you CAN download user created level, but only the ones created on the Wii U version. What kinda BS is that? Is it some kinda strange way to not keep people that were considering buying a Wii U for Super Mario Maker from not buying one by gimping the 3DS version?

As i said before NINTENDO NEVER LEARNS. It’s so past the point of frustration with how detached they are from the rest of the gaming world that it’s become like they are a joke in the gaming world. You can’t even be surprised anymore. You just say “welp….. That’s Nintendo”.

Why would they do this? How is a person that lives a long way from their friends, but still wants to play their friend’s SMM levels going to get them? Or if they want to play their friends in a match of Mario Party?  They need to let go of this outdated mentality. We aren’t in the 80s and 90s anymore. Folks have friends all over the globe now and would love to enjoy these games with them, but it’s like Nintendo doesn’t even care about giving users the best no-compromise experience. It’s just their way regardless of what the fans want. I understand not sacrificing the vision just to appeal, but this should be standard stuff by now.

I know some people. Especialy the hardcore fans would just say “well if you don’t like the features (or lack there of) then don’t play”, but that isn’t a solution. Obviously i and many others want to support the company that introduced many gamers to gaming, but it Nintendo just makes it so hard lol. Instead of defending Nintendo, that energy needs to go into pushing for some change so the NX doesn’t flop hard. Because if we are this late in the game and Nintendo still doesn’t get it, I have no hope for the NX being success at this point in time.

What did you think about the Nintendo 3DS Direct? Good, bad, Ugly? (lol) or did you think it was great, that i was too harsh and you can’t wait to play all of those games, including the ones i didn’t mention? Let me know in the comment section.

And, thank you for reading and if you liked please…like, share and follow for more content like it 🙂




Why I Don’t Like Suicide Squad…

Why I Don’t Like Suicide Squad…

Short and to the point w/ mild SPOILERS

  • The movie seems out of place since these are Batman villains that got their own movie before Batman himself. This shouldn’t have even been a thing until we had gotten introduced to at least half of these characters in Actual Batman Films!!
  • Dialogue sometimes is atrociously out of place. For example will Smith says to Harley ” Stay Evil, Doll face”and who can forget the awkward “Go Get It, Girl” moment with Amanda Waller and Enchantress. It’s like the writers were thinking about how the lines looked on paper, but not how they would actually sound.
  • Joker is just bad… He just seems like a low level goon. We don’t get a true sense of what would make him a worthwhile villain. It’s hard to see an entire Batman movie with him being interesting like with Heath Ledger’s Joker.
  • Why is there no explanation as to why Batman or Flash, which both make appearances in the film, don’t respond to this threat? It’s not that it wasn’t big enough. It was big enough to require all of them to take it down and Batman caught many of those villains individually.
  • Why did all of these people all of a sudden, similar to how it was done with Guardians of The Galaxy, BECOME BEST FRIENDS out of nowhere? Diablo at some point even refers to them as his second family and they even have a cheesy moment where Harley risks her life to protect ” her friends”, who she just met… That makes sense.
  • How the heck does Will Smith play a hardcore hitman, but still come out as the hero? He never sold me there. I understand the DeadShot character isn’t all bad, but come on! 
  • And Killer Croc’s Voice….just bad

What I liked?
Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and there were some nice action scenes. 

That’s about it…

Movie far too many times just rubbed me the wrong way and really killed my enjoyment. 

Hopefully this is mess is a result of DC Making their studio overhaul while this was already in production. Which meant it was too late to fix much without lots of reshoots or maybe it was the changes that killed it? Jared Leto did say the way thr film was pitched to him before was much different. Either way, not good.

I give it a 5/10. Not good, but not terrible. It had its cool moments

If you think I’m wrong or maybe I missed something of importance that brought the movie together better, let me know in the comments.

Thank for reading & stay skyward

        Is This The PS4 Slim?

        Is This The PS4 Slim?

        Supposedly leaked images of a legit PS4 slim have come out and……I don’t know what to think.

        First off since the Nintendo NX controller fraud we experienced earlier this year, i’m even more cautious of leaked hardware images, because people are getting more and more clever with 3D printing available to them. But with it being so close to the Sep. 7th Playstation event and with just how detailed these images are, i could believe it. I’ll just have to wait and see.

        Now as far as looks go, it’s not bad. It looks better at some angles than others, but according to @Shortmaneighty2 on twitter who posted a comparison shot between the original and the supposedly official slim (view below), you really need to see it in person to get it’s true beauty. We’ll see


        Hopefully that is the case because at the moment it kinda looks like a slanted & blacked out Apple Time Capsule

        Apple_MD033LL_A_Time_Capsule_3TB_802268 Edit

        Also, why make something already so small and sleek even more tiny, which just decreases the ventilation for the console and increases the chance of overheating issues?

        I’m sure they have swapped out some of the parts from the old model for ones that use less power and produce less heat, while also modifying the cooling system for the new case, but still…. such a small space to house a pretty powerful console kinda worries me. I don’t want any RRoD Action with the PS4, but we’ll see how all of this goes if it’s legit.

        That’s all i have to say on this thing, whether it be real or fake. Let me know what you think in the comments. Good or Nah? (I feel like a such a hipster saying that trash lol) Is this a nice transition from the previous model and if you don’t already own a PS4, would you pick one of these up?

        Thanks for reading. If you liked, Please, like share and follow for more content like it in the future.



        Image credit goes to & @Shortmaneighty2 on twitter


        Destiny The Collection: The Hate Bandwagon Strikes Again…

        Destiny The Collection: The Hate Bandwagon Strikes Again…

        So….as you may or may not know, Bungie has announced Destiny The Collection

        It is basically the equivalent of a Game Of The Year edition that includes:

        • Vanilla Destiny Campaign
        • Expansion I: The Dark Below
        • Expansion II: House of Wolves
        • Expansion III: The Taken King
        • Expansion IV: Rise of Iron

        With a release date of September 20th 2016. Which I honestly think is a great deal if you are a Destiny newcomer or held off after you finished vanilla Destiny and are ready to come back. For everyone else, buy the standalone as usual if you’re all caught up.

        Many didn’t see it my way though…

        They think for Bungie/Activision to release all of the DLC with the base game for $59.99, while they paid $20 for each expansion (At it’s original release) along with the standalone game for 60 dollars was a “Slap in the face” to them. which has me thinking…have these guys been living under a rock or is this just another case of the hate bandwagon causing selective Outrage? As I pointed out in beginning of this, this is the equivalent of a Game Of The Year edition, which has always had all previous DLC, Along with the main story and no one gave a fudge back then. Why does it change now with Destiny?

        Some are saying this is the game that should have been released from day one. More Nonsense. What was deserved was for the main story to not be dissected out of greed at last minute (allegedly lol). Had that not been the case the main story would have been more fleshed out, but it still wouldn’t have added up to the amount of of content sold in 4 expansions and a main campaign. Folks are being ridiculous.

        I know Bungie and Activision did foul by the consumers by the way they “supposedly” destroyed what was going to be an amazing story to break it up into pieces to sell as DLC, BUT any hate directed at them making this collection isn’t deserved ONE BIT.

        Less Hate, More Gaming.

        All this nonsense aside, I can’t wait to get back on Destiny soon and have some fun. I haven’t played that game since The Dark Below expansion. So it’s about time my return 🙂

        So let me know what you think about Destiny The Collection. Are you looking forward to it, Think it’s what the game should have been at launch? Let me know in the comments.

        Thank you for reading. If you liked the post please share and follow for new content like it


        My Thoughts On This Nintendo NX Dockable Hybrid Thingy…

        My Thoughts On This Nintendo NX Dockable Hybrid Thingy…

        I told myself i wouldn’t mess around with these NX rumors anymore… but whatever. Let’s IMAGINE this is all true and just go from there….

        So according to someone’s insider sources at, the Nintendo NX is a portable gaming device that has detachable controls on it’s sides and can be plugged up to your TV for a more traditional console experience….So i’m thinking a dockable Nvidia shield type of device? I don’t know if i’m down with this.

        NX Mock up
        Image from

        Now….as someone that enjoys Nintendo games that has been wanting nothing more than to have traditional console that i could play not only Zelda, Mario and Metroid (whenever Nintendo finally gives us a REAL Metroid Prime or even side scroller), but also play games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and all of the other upcoming great 3rd party games on one of their consoles, I have to say i’m disappointed. It shows that Nintendo still isn’t listening to what their fans want.

        I’ve seen the same Wishlist since the Wii U launched. People Want hardware on par with competing current gen consoles to making porting games simple so they too can play most of the great third party games Nintendo console games have been missing out on, A fully fleshed out online system so people can easily invite friends to games, with stable voice, text and party chat and a traditional controller with battery that doesn’t suck and leave the gimmicks as an OPTION. But with this, it might be the total opposite of that.

        I will say this. if this is pulled off correctly it would be a great handheld. One that i almost guarantee that i would pick up day one, but as a console replacement it seems it would be tossing all of our complaints out the window and them basically saying “Which sector within gaming do we make the most money with? Portable Gaming!! so obviously that’s what EVERYONE wants more of!!!” A very Nintendo way to go about things.

        This honestly could be a disaster for Nintendo even worse than the Wii U or a Huge success.  I won’t fully judge until i see an official reveal and check out fan reaction. What i do know for hardcore gamers, this type of device described in the article isn’t anywhere close to something that would bring them over.

        Now heres a “What If”

        Crazy Theory Ahead:

        What if Nintendo was planning on having the NX Dock that packed an EXTERNAL GPU. The Nintendo NX could be the Console/Handheld equivalent of the Razer Blade Stealth with it’s Dock acting as the Razer Core (Watch Video Below to understand) which gives it extra when connected to give you full current gen console power?

        That could take it from being a gimped tablet grade handheld, to something that may even surpass current consoles depending on the power of the hardware inside of the dock. But how could Nintendo do this without raising the price to an insane level? Bundle in a standard dock without GPU in box and for those that want full power buy the optional Booster Dock (or whatever lol) w/ extra power inside. Once the hybrid was docked it could go into standby while it connects to take advantage of the extra power. This could be an Amazing First for the console industry. Though i doubt Nintendo would do something like this, but it’s an idea. This would make them holding off to reveal the device make more sense, because no one cares about a dockable tablet.

        I actually made a video about this a long time ago that i turned on private because i thought it sounded stupid after a while lol. Sure, the idea i had in the video was a tad off from this, but the basic idea was the same. I’ll post it below if anyone would like to listen to my idea and give me feedback.

        There you have it, my thoughts on ALLEGED design of the NX to be revealed soon, and why it wouldn’t work and what i believe could make it a success…..If people were willing to drop the extra money.

        Let me know what you think. if you liked a share would be appreciated 🙂

        Thank for reading and #StaySkyward my friends.