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I will be streaming on both Mixer (mainly) & Twitch starting from today. Regular scheduled streams will be happening Wednesday & Friday @ 4pm (Sometimes starting earlier). Hope to see you all there. Of course when that happens i will posts on all of my social media links and here on my blog. I can’t wait to game and interact with the community. Make sure to follow & Subscribe to both and be on the lookout for Giveaway announcements, because they will be coming soon 🙂

Also, on my Youtube channel I will be posting episodes of the coming Skyward MicroCast (Mini Podcasts) w/Gameplay, Unboxings, Vlogs, Special Event videos (E3, Midnight launches, etc). So Make Sure to Subscribe for those because they are coming soon too.

Lots of things in the works that i can’t wait to share with you all when they are ready. So follow the blog, you can also check me out on Twitter @Skywardking for future updates.

Thanks for checking me out, and as always #LiveSkyward