Finally tomorrow (Oct. 20th) at 7am pt we’ll get to see the NX…let’s just hope it’s not called the Duo or something like that. 

Trying to not get hyped because that has not served me well in the past with Nintendo. Going in with small expectations and feeling won’t get hurt lol.

The wait continues…



Microsoft Surface Book #TechGoals

Microsoft Surface Book #TechGoals

I am back with another entry into my #Techgoals wish list, WITH…..The Microsoft Surface Book 🙂 There isn’t going to be a large explanation on each of these posts for why i want it, but this one has some background.

Artist at work on Surfacebook

This is just a beautiful, Powerful Tablet/Laptop hybrid, that happens to be one of my most wanted tech items. I had been wanting a Microsoft Surface Pro, but It just didn’t seem practical for me (and didn’t have the moolah at the time lol). Too big for me to use it like my Nexus 7 (2012), and didn’t have the functionality or “Lapability” of laptop. So of course i wished Microsoft would just release a Surface Laptop….or a Surface Mini, which at one point did exist, but was canned 😦 Anyway, they finally did it and here it is as one of my most wanted tech items. I YELLED like a football fan during the superbowl when this was revealing. Ahhhh……Goodtimes 🙂

Surface book front shot